1. theebookzoo.com's Avatar

    I have a 7100i... I had the Enterprise Server Option put on via my company. Which forced me to have a password. I upgraded my phone and so I am going to sell the 7100i, but, even when I do a Wipe on it, it does not take the password option off, (wont let me disable it), nor will it clear out my companies information in the policy (in the General Settings). I need help quickly!!

    Customer Service will not help...
    01-22-09 01:58 PM
  2. Pillsbury187's Avatar
    Since the phone was on a Enterprise server its still on that IT policy, what you will have to do before you get rid of that phone is contact your workplace that owns or uses that Enterprise sever and have them release the pin number off that phone and then you can wipe it.
    01-25-09 10:44 AM