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    How can I reset my 7100i, I recently connected it to my laptop. I finally got some conection now all of a sudden its acting up where as the yellow nextel screen is on and the hour glass is doing the spin around. Nothing else is happening... What should I do
    04-05-08 07:27 PM
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    if you have the latest software do a battery pull. If not you may get the 102 error.
    04-05-08 08:03 PM
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    yeah I did the battery pull, once I put it back in, it automatically comes on to the same screen, whats the 102 error?
    04-06-08 09:51 AM
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    is that 102 as in JVM 102 error? then its a Java Virtual Machine and per RIM, 102 is a handheld software error.

    if the battery pull doesn't work and assuming you can't get the unit up at all, then it sounds like you will have to restore from backup or reinstall the 7100i software:
    - Connect the handheld to the desktop computer and start the desktop manager/ Application Loader

    - Re-install the BlackBerry Handheld software.

    you can download the above directly from the RIM website

    you do have backups, right?

    or plan B - download the 7100i os from the RIM website and reinstall the OS onto your BB - you will lose all your settings/data

    or plan C - take in to sprint and exchange t. Here in the chicago market, its $38.50 with taxes to exchange an 7100i without a service contract. sometimes its cheaper to pay the $38 then fight with it If you take it in make sure you backup and sync!!! from my experience, once a unit suffers jvm102 or 105 errors it will almost come back again on that unit.

    if you take it to a depot, be forewarned, the software that many service centers have on hand for transferring address books are not smart enough to also copy the DC and PIN numbers. the software only looks at mainstream fields. In the chicago market, I've been to 4 different repair depots and NONE have software intelligent enough to handle PIN's and DC's. Two depots had software so basic that if you had more then 3 numbers for a contact, it would keep the first 3 and dump the others.

    FYI - if you do restore from backup, remember that RIM only backups/restores OEM software. It will not backup any 3rd party apps such as telenav lite or berry411 or Viigo. However some 3rd party pictures and themes MIGHT get backed up

    BTW - loved you website feature! its was great to see an option to view/play high or low res graphics - even if I'm not a travel agent
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    04-08-08 07:09 AM