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    This thread mainly pertains to small business owners/recent startups in the states using one of the "big four" wireless carriers...

    Reading through the countless threads on the ongoing OS7 vs OS10 debate regarding device/OS/service pros, cons, bugs, limitations, etc I'm realizing that I (and possibly others here too) really need a more consolidated view of where BB small business owners are currently at and why they are sticking to their OS7/OS10 devices/carrier plans FROM AN OVERALL COST (carrier, external services, hardware/software, etc) vs BENEFIT perspective.

    Just looking to see what one's device/service options would be in my position to how others are determined the cost/benefit ratios of each when coming to their conclusion.

    My situation:
    I'm looking to setup an inexpensive (as possible) yet secure mobile POS solution, business email, MDM for myself as an independant contractor, eventually expanding the business and incorporating down the road.
    07-25-13 04:42 PM
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    07-25-13 05:31 PM

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