1. dimm0k's Avatar
    So with OS7, Docs-To-Go has had a bit of a change from the older pre-OS7 version and I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced these bugs.

    1. opened up an .xls file, made some changes and after saving it it changed to .xls.rem. Changing it back to .xls makes it unreadable by Docs-To-Go. WTF?

    2. current time is 9:25pm. saving a doc shows me that the time is 2:25am, but when you look at the file's properties it shows up as 9:25pm. WTF?

    3. if you save an Excel document with any data-filled cell selected, re-opening that document will show that cell now empty. WTF?
    11-18-11 08:30 PM
  2. Coach Bill's Avatar
    I haven't used it enough to see if your issues are repeated on my 9930. Once I discovered that you can't sync the documents back to your desktop with BB7, I have abandoned using Docs to Go. Pretty lame for RIM to include this worthless application.
    12-07-11 11:01 AM
  3. jbs-horn's Avatar
    On my 9810 the .xls files edited and saved using Docs-to-Go stay as .xls files. No problem.
    12-07-11 07:05 PM