1. bbUser1101's Avatar
    I have a blackberry 9300 and want to install an OS from a different carrier. I followed the steps in this video:

    It is bassicly to wipe your bb with BBSAK and then install the OS then install the OS on the bb. The only problem is that this is not working for
    me I have read many online articles on how to do this, but none of them work for me...

    My problem comes in here:
    When I have installed the blackberry OS on my computer, and want to load it onto my blackberry using BBSAK - there is no OS in the
    drop down menu...

    I have reinstalled it multiple times but yet no results...

    Can some one please help me with this problem.
    11-30-13 06:33 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    When you install the OS to your computer, you have to double click the OS and really INSTALL it. That places it in a directory. Then when you use BBSAK, you navigate to that directory or folder to find the OS to install on your phone. Have you tried that?
    11-30-13 06:48 AM
  3. bbUser1101's Avatar
    Thanks, I was able to fix it... I have only one more question, is it possible to change the splash screen that shows when you start your phone? I thought by installing an OS from a different carrier would change that?
    11-30-13 08:35 AM

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