1. Tee262's Avatar
    I have the 9700 Bold and I recently updated to OS6, which I was surprised is very different. Bad part when I upgraded I lost all my themes I had stored
    and when I tried to download one it said it was a success but I could not find where it downloaded to. And it did not come up on my screen. Do I have to only certain themes?? Please I am so confused, can anybody help me?
    03-04-11 05:01 AM
  2. sedalia066's Avatar
    Themes are OS specific. If the themes you had were for OS 5 they will not be compatible. Themes must be OS6 compatible towork. For paid themes change your info with the source and download an OS 6 version if it exists. My change left some fine themes in the OS 5 dust.

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    03-04-11 06:27 AM