1. euro2low's Avatar
    Where do i go in OS 6 to change the default calendar? It's currently on my BBM Groups and asks me every time if I want to share. Getting annoying.
    09-13-10 10:00 PM
  2. euro2low's Avatar
    figured it out... start typing in Universal Search: Calendar..
    Click the Option
    Click Default Services
    Select Your default Calendar and Messaging options
    09-14-10 04:55 PM
  3. ateganda29's Avatar
    glad you were able to figure it out. follow up question: do you or anybody on this forum know if there is any built-in calendar on the blackberry? cause i noticed when i try to change the default calendar, my only options are the calendars from my respective email accounts that are pushing to the blackberry (yahoo, gmail). i would like to use the generic built-in calendar, if any, rather than any of my email account calendars (yahoo, gmail). any thoughts on this? thanks!
    09-16-10 10:05 AM
  4. mughato#CB's Avatar
    Delete the CICAL service books for your external e-mail services and you are left with the default (built-in) calendar.
    09-16-10 11:33 AM
  5. PETERPNYC's Avatar
    Delete the CICAL service books for your external e-mail services and you are left with the default (built-in) calendar.

    "Delete the CICAl service books Sounds like a great idea "

    Pardon me I am a real newbie. When I first synced my Palm Treo data over to my Bold 9650 OS 5.0 via device switch BBDM I had a red iconed default in either calendar or contacts . It said "default" .

    My calendar was not syncing properly and I cleaned it all on the Bold and imported from Olook after deleting my Email accounts as instructed in a BB forum .
    My #1 Email stayed as the calendar default even though I tried to delete it , as advised to get my first Email to be the default . I would not mind if NO EMAIL was my default if I could sync everything with OUT LOOK 2002. I could not delete it anywhere.

    What I wanted was a vanilla calendar and address book with no relation to any of my 3 yhoo emails. What I wound up with is #1 yhoo mail as default for calendar and CMIME ( that I can change) , and #3 yhoo email as default for contacts that I can not change . Rated in order of importance

    I wound up with #3 Yhaoo email by accident when I was recreating it as an account, and I tried to uncheck the box that asked me if I wanted to make it the default .

    When you say delete the CICAl service books what exactly is that and can that help me. I have had this BB for 25 days and have wiped it 2x synced it 3 and no one at Sprint knows anything but BES which I do not have
    Help please

    I will return this phone in the 4 days I have left as a trial , if I cant understand it by then. I like the phone if I can get it to act as a proper PDA also

    09-27-10 08:15 PM