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    I have an At&T 9700 running Every time I upgrade my OS, I do a complete wipe using BBSAK (or Boss). And every time I boot back up after an OS load, I have a multitude of unwanted "icons" (just shortcuts to dl apps like Weather Channel, myATT, Bloomberg, Sims, Slacker etc...there's 19 altogether). How do I get rid of these? You can't delete them. As of now, I have dragged them all into a folder called SPAM which I just hide. I'd like to have them not there at all. I always delete the vendor .xml, so I know that's not it. Is there a .cod file I need to delete?
    01-26-11 12:28 PM
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    These files are pushed to your device most likely by ATT and you cant do anything about it
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    01-26-11 12:35 PM
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    Just hide them by highlighting them, clicking the BB menu button and choosing Hide.
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    01-26-11 12:39 PM
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    These files are pushed to your device most likely by ATT and you cant do anything about it
    Not "most likely" - they are definitely being pushed to your phone by AT&T. It also has nothing to do with the OS which is why deleting the vendor file makes no difference.

    It's strictly because you have a BB on AT&T's network that they push those service books to your phone if they aren't already there - along with the service books that allow you access to the BIS, makes the wifi work, makes the emails work, etc.

    If you delete the service books related to those icons, even just a battery pull and restart will cause them to come back.

    Hiding the icons is usually good enough to keep them out of the way. At least until the next OS re-load. Although, backing up theme settings and restoring them sometimes saves time re-hidding the icons.

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    01-26-11 04:37 PM
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    just hide them
    01-26-11 04:38 PM
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    Create a CrApp folder and dump them in it and then hide them.
    01-26-11 04:48 PM