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    What device you are using? Z30
    What OS or Firmware is your device running on? 10,3,2,2474
    What steps have you taken already to try to fix the issue? Was searching the net.
    If the issues are with a certain app, what version of the app are you running? Described.
    Are there any specific error messages you get? If so, what are they? No, not was unexpected – only info similar ‘no plugins to run swf’ ‘can’t open jar’ etc.

    My last phone was Nokia N8. As I remember I was always use Symbian. Believing Z30 got a pretty good system I bought Z30.
    After switching it on, update of system was performed.
    After 2 hours all was ok

    So, my questions:
    - how to make digital watch displaying all time??? On N8 there was a software (sleeping screen) which display only few pixels informing about charge, mail, sms, unaswered phone. Even if software wasn't installed, N8 could display digital clock. Of course, if the phone was put display down, screen was black. When phone was turned on the screen side it displays clock. When any light was found via light detector - N8 show clock. How to make similar 'screensaver' on BB Z30?
    - Nokia transfer sound of ring to BT headphones. It means when I add some unusual sound as ring for group or person in my phone book, when I ride the bike and listen player, sound of ringtone inform me who is calling. Here, on calling Z30 one ring is on phone and standard BT ring is on BT headphones. How to fix it in z30?
    - N8 got amoled display, so I know how it may be useful and that was the advantage for me when I was took into consideration buying new phone. But on N8 refresh rate of display was great!!! On z 30, when I moving phone from right to left it easy visible that screen blinks. How to fix refresh rate?? It looks 25 times/s only - as in old CRT TV
    - the clock and alarm (alarms) on N8 can be changed only on unlocked phone. Z30 let me (or my child) to turn alarm off when phone is locked via secure code and 'night mode' is on. Anyway - it could be ok, if NightMode would work withoud charger, but clock fade out after few seconds. I do not want (nor my Boss) to make possible changes of alarm/alarms when phone is locked. How to fix it?
    - when I saw android phone it has an icon to turn on/off internet access. Of course the same was on N8, but better . Anyway, now I have to go to settings, connections and turn off data transfer - is there any way to make switch on/off data more accessable – link on screen?
    - N8 had a lot of widgets. I love calendar which on screen displays what to do. Is there any option to display similar, big calendar/list of 'to do' on screen all time???
    - N8 works as pendrive. Only when it was unlocked. It seems, I have to spent a lot of space for BB windows software to have access to SD card - any easier way exist?
    - N8 let me to display SWF content - a lot of games I wrote for my child. Moreover, I display many slideshows made in Flash (SwishMax) on big screen (connected to projector via HDMI). How to run SWF on Z30 locally? It seems it faster than N8, newer and better than N8 so it shouldn’t be any problems with flash files. Let me know how to fix it (on the other hand it is kind of backwardness to remove old plugin for www display - if someone told HTMLxxx is better it does mean Flash is not needed anymore!). Locally use of flash is secure.
    - I use the jar programs to communicate with my bank. For some reason there is no way to run jar files How to fix it?
    - Is there any way to download region map into phone memory to work with navi software offline?
    - how to turn browser history cleaning with closing of browser?
    - how to change the system settings to display only full colors. I mean, on amoled display it is important for battery savings. On N8 I had few ‘motives’ to change the system view – to make dark colors BLACK and rest (if possible) RED. It gives me possibility to use phone few days without charging. How to remove all ‘beautiful squares and icons” and make it monocolor?
    - how to make wallpaper of color – not photo?
    Hope my questions are simply and any of users who got BB longer than me (3 days) will answer me.
    Regards, Janusz
    03-16-17 07:55 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Sorry but there are going to be differences between the Z30 and the N8. I remember when I came from a Palm to a BlackBerry... could not understand the lack of a stylus and touch screen.

    No you can't run JAR files on BB10... does your Bank have an Android App (it's a long shot, but it might work)

    Yes there a Apps that will allow you to download maps - Google Maps is what I used.

    There are privacy Browsers available.

    Best to do searches here for individual questions... as over the last three years the Z30 has been out, most of them have been asked before. If you can't find them... ask them one at a time.

    And welcome to CrackBerry...
    03-16-17 03:22 PM
  3. Nikola Adzic's Avatar
    Wow...you just take a huge d**p on bb10. Just by saying how it is. Z30 is let say, more advanced and newer. And for the features...not even close to n8 (had it, I know what I'm talking about)

    Posted via CB10
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    03-16-17 07:37 PM

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