1. pcr02's Avatar
    I updated my Z30 via Sachesi but then I couldnīt call someone or get called, so I thought I reset the phone, but now itīs stuck in "first installation" on software update. After a while it tells me it canīt connect and I have to change my settings, but wifi definitely works, so it has to be Blackberrys Server.
    Now I canīt use the phone, because I canīt run my backup as BB Link says I have to run the first installation. Any ideas how to skip Software update?
    10-25-13 06:16 AM
  2. higherdestiny's Avatar
    Update servers seem to be down at the moment. Just have to wait until they come back online.
    10-25-13 07:59 AM
  3. KCAlpha's Avatar
    Just got my Z30 .... what are the chances. Waiting until the update servers come back to change from the Z10 to the Z30
    10-25-13 10:33 AM

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