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    i have a blackberry z10 stl100-3...what happened is at first it kept on saying setup device till it restarted and had no other option...but when setting up the device it wouldn't connect to the internet the os was so i ended up autoloading it but when i finished 3/4 of the apps were gone including Media apps such as music player video player.... so i tried to lnstall other apps apps to do the job but werent working.....now i installed whats app.apk but it wont work(it crashes before it even opens) now im stuck and btw i i put os please please please help...
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    when i finished 3/4 of the apps were gone including Media apps such as music player video player

    btw i i put os

    A quick Google search reveals that you just installed a developer OS which are only for testing purposes. What you can do now is to load a full BlackBerry 10 OS. Note that this will replace anything on your device so make sure to do a backup.

    Follow these steps:

    1. Go to this link.

    2. Download the file named "Z10_10.3.03.2163_STL100-2-3.7z"

    3. Extract the autoloader from the ZIP file and run it.
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