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    I have a z10 which was originally on the Fido network. I got it unlocked and started to use it with a Telus sim for about a week. After wiping the device I tried to use my Fido sim card and it won't being detected. I have tried Bell as well and it's not being detected either.

    To sum it up, I unlocked a Fido Z10 and used it on the Telus network and now it seems to be locked to Telus but it says "unlocked" in the mobile network.

    I tried another security wipe that didn't work. I also tried to reload the software via BlackBerry Link and that didn't help either.

    Help needed! Thanks!
    12-06-14 05:35 AM
  2. priceless819's Avatar
    Just a suggestion, have you started up the phone with the sim that does work, and once it boots up, and is running fine, switch out the sim that you want to use, and see if it takes it.
    Shucks, you have to remove the battery to change the sim on a Z10? Shucks, there goes my idea.

    Posted via CB10
    12-06-14 02:42 PM

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