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    as multiple users reported already there seems to be an issue with the setup of an Active Sync account in OS10. One solution was to change the timeout on forms based authentication on server side when the Z10 (or other devices as well) prompt frequently for the account password. I talked to our IT and it is not possible to change that setting on the Exchange Server due to security reason.

    Now my question is if there is any other solution for that (on the client)?

    Otherwise it is not possible to work properly with this device. The question is if this feature is a desired security feature or simply a bug which is a no-go to work with further. As a matter of fact it is extremly annoying. First to figure out the problem, second to fix it without changing the company policy...

    Hope you guys have an answer since the Z10 and BB OS10 are basically nice tools to work with ;-)

    I remember that it worked in release OS 10.1.273. Is it possible to roll-back to that version? How is that working? Right now this seems to me as the only solution unless you come up with another way of dealing with it .... :smileysad:
    10-24-13 07:55 AM
  2. Sith_Apprentice's Avatar
    Are you direct through EAS or through BES10? If direct through EAS, remove and re-add the account. Sometimes (and I haven't yet found out why), accounts prompt nearly constantly for credentials on the Z10. Removing, then re-adding, seems to resolve this issue.
    10-24-13 08:50 AM

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