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    Ok guys I took the plunge several days ago and used the autoloader to update my AT&T branded Z10 to 10.2 because AT&T was being difficult about unlocking my phone. All was working wonderfully, including my sideload of Google Maps using the included android runtime. I noted however that while my phone identified the OS version as the software release information was not available.

    Today I arrived home from work and found that my unlock code had arrived from AT&T. I unlocked the phone, hooked it up to BBLink and reloaded the original AT&T version of BB10 (I believe it may have been or something similar to it). After the reload I powered the phone off, pulled my AT&T SIM out, inserted a Rogers SIM and rebooted the phone. During the setup it found the official Rogers software release to OS version and updated the phone, without issue. Following the setup I went to settings and observed that the OS was accurately reporting the software release as and the OS version as All was good!

    According to several threads I've read it seems that a security wipe is sometimes advised following an update and I saw no harm in doing so. After the wipe was completed I took advantage of the power down to replace my AT&T SIM, powered on the phone and was delighted to see that the 4 or 5 preinstalled Rogers apps were now gone. Even better they hadn't been replaced with AT&T bloat.

    Going back in to settings however it seemed rather odd that while the OS version was being identified as, there was "No Information Available" under software release where I expected to see I've seen it suggested that this is common with "leaks" but this is the official software release from Rogers. Does anyone know why the simple swap of a SIM can do this?
    11-14-13 08:44 PM
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    Bump. Anyone?
    11-15-13 12:45 PM

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