1. ssbtech's Avatar
    Took a video, 15MB, tried yo upload it to YouTube.

    The BlackBerry YouTube Uploader thing came up and asked me to log in, which I did.
    Then there was this "Link Account" thing, so I again signed in
    I was able to enter the name of the video and select "Unlisted" from the list of publication privacy options
    Then it gave me a notification that the video upload failed
    Then I tried again to upload to YouTube via the Share menu system
    Now the Uploader screen rapidly fluctuates between the uploader and link account and I can't do anything other than close the uploader.

    Any tips on getting out of this and getting the uploader to work?
    03-27-16 03:40 PM
  2. Runzlord Karo's Avatar
    have you tried uploading via browser?
    03-27-16 03:52 PM
  3. ssbtech's Avatar
    have you tried uploading via browser?
    No, I'd like to get it working through the share menu...
    03-27-16 03:59 PM
  4. chaddt's Avatar
    No, I'd like to get it working through the share menu...
    It's been broken for a year or more now. BlackBerry knows about it but they evidently doesn't give a ****.

    Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android
    03-29-16 08:55 PM
  5. skstrials's Avatar
    Wow I did not even know you could do that under the share menu.

    The browser works pretty well for the uploads.

    Posted via CB10
    03-30-16 11:39 AM

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