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    You probably have been seeing me ranting about my Yahoo and IMAP issues on my Q5

    My operator is unfortunately: Etisalat UAE

    I started having trouble last month when I upgraded by Q5 to and incidentally at same time also changed by data package with Etisalat from their 'Blackberry' (APN: blackberry.net) to their normal 'Data 3G/4G' package (APN: etisalat.ae). All the iphone, Android users use the Data 3G/4G package BTW.

    The trouble was with my primary email, Yahoo mail, that the IMAP sync stopped working as I was always used to. i.e. I could receive/send email, but my delete, replied, opened statuses never propagated back to the Yahoo IMAP server. I did everything by trying changing IMAP server to imap.mail.yahoo.com, rim.imap.mail.yahoo.com, android.imap.mail.yahoo.com but same issue. I thought that the broke the IMAP (as I posted earlier too). The problem was not related with 3G as it happened in Wifi as well.

    Another problem with the Data 3G/4G package was that BBM would not work outside Wifi. Whatsapp would work, but not BBM (go figure that one out while BBM goes cross-platform!!)

    Now, the mystery starts to resolve itself today. New month, and I change my package back from the 3G/4G Data (APN: etisalat.ae) back to the more expensive Blackberry package (APN: blackberry.net). Voila, everything is working fine as in the old days! BBM works, and most importantly my Yahoo mail sync with IMAP properly. Further to the mystery, it also works over Wifi now.

    So, problem solved for me! But I am more confused than ever on what on earth is Etisalat and Blackberry doing.

    - BB10 devices do not need BIS is what we all know.
    - However, IMAP sync for Yahoo only works if I am using the blackberry.net APN, which was the same one used when a BIS was required. Same for BBM.
    - I made no changes in my phone other than change the APN. The account settings of my Yahoo account are exactly the same. This leads me to only one conclusion - if I go through the blackberry.net APN, then rim.imap.mail.yahoo.com resolves to another IP, and these Yahoo IMAP servers support the IMAP protocols correctly as these are the same as used during the BIS days. Maybe even Blackberry is paying Yahoo for these servers (normally, Yahoo used to charge extra to get POP/IMAP access I recall through their Mail Plus product). If I dont go through blackberry.net, then the same rim.imap.yahoo.com resolves to some vanilla IMAP server that doesn't fully work (this hypothesis has a fault, as my Mac Mail client works fine with the same Yahoo IMAP account).
    - The BBM I can understand that Etisalat probably blocked those IPs on all other data packages - they are notorious for selective blocking citing 'security or regulatory' reasons which are normally related with 'revenue' reasons. However, only blocking for Blackberry devices and not Android/iPhones is strange.

    In Short, now my Yahoo mail IMAP sync works!
    But, can someone really explain whats happening? And why wasnt my normal data package working? Or why wasnt it working in Wifi earlier but working now?

    12-01-13 03:09 AM
  2. Richard Buckley's Avatar
    It isn't BlackBerry, it's your carrier. You need look no further than the extra cost of the plan for the reason.

    Posted via CB10
    12-01-13 07:24 AM

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