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    I have searched the forums, and the Internet as a whole, trying to find if there is a fix in queue for the Yahoo Calendar sync on BB10. After spending a frustrating 4 hours on the phone with VZW and BlackBerry tech support, I have come to the conclusion that neither of them knows much about anything as it relates to BlackBerry devices. It is mildly expected from VZW, however both upsetting and disappointing that BlackBerry tech support isn't able to provide much support past asking you to restart the phone, and delete /re-add email accounts; even after explaining that I am not a novice BlackBerry user, and have already tried all the "obvious " fixes. They seemed to know nothing about people having issues syncing BlackBerry 10 with a yahoo supported Calendar. A simple search engine search would show the contrary. This is even a known issue on the BlackBerry support forums, but still nobody has responded with a serious, viable answer for those of us stuck with a yahoo managed calendar.
    Now I am appealing to the forum to see if anyone is aware of an upcoming fix in an update, or a possible resolution with Yahoo so meeting events will sync directly with the BlackBerry stock calendar.
    I am aware that there are other apps that can be purchased, as well as Web browser options, but if I wanted those options, I wouldn't have continued using BlackBerry for all this time , and would have gone to android. One of the best features about BlackBerry, at least for me, aside from security has been the email, calendar, contacts, functionality and integration across several mediums. For the business non-enterprise user, this has been invaluable to me, and i am hopeful that it will continue to do so.
    Another seemingly easy fix for some is to just switch calendar services to Google or Outlook. For me at least, this isn't so easy. I do have those as well and they sync and merge together seamlessly on my BlackBerry calendar. For the yahoo calendar, it is a business domain that is managed by yahoo. Updates and invites are sent to me through this calendar and associated email address. Changing all of this just isn't a viable option.
    The next problem stemming from the same issue is that in my manage calendar option, these yahoo and domain supported by yahoo addresses are constantly attempting to sync. This is evident by the spinning circles inside of the colored boxes. Because of this, it is causing my Z30 to drain exceptionally fast.10% battery life left after about 3 hours off charger with me only reviewing/responding to emails; no excessively battery draining use.
    Is there a way, without deleting the associated calendar, that I can stop it from running in the background and continuing to drain my battery? Again, deleting the account isn't a viable option. I receive invites via the associated business email and need to have the email still supported so these invites can be accepted and acknowledged to the sender.

    Any helpful insight would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you
    06-25-14 11:31 AM
  2. blueyestm's Avatar
    Yahoo cut the sync off. Most of us have migrated our calendars over to outlook.com as that syncs perfectly.
    06-25-14 11:38 AM
  3. frustratedenough's Avatar
    This just started happening to me too (notifications every few minutes about Yahoo calendar settings being invalid). Fortunately I rely more on Yahoo email than calendar, but I don't want the same battery drain problem RMazz describes in the OP. Q10 already has inferior battery performance compared to my previous BBry (Bold 9780 - oh how I miss you!). Interestingly, the problem started for me upon leaving my Rogers network service area and turning network service off (to not get dinged while travelling outside of Canada).

    Is it possible to just delete or turn off the Yahoo cal synch while leaving email and contacts synch intact?
    Can someone describe how to do this?
    07-10-14 03:56 AM
  4. blueyestm's Avatar
    Yes, just go into your settings, accounts, yahoo calendar and delete that one specifically. I use ATT as my provider which runs off of the yahoo servers and when my accounts were created I got a separate part for each, mail, contacts, and calendar. Just delete the calendar portion. Or you can just open up your calendar and go into the settings and turn the sync feature off or to manual so it won't sync anymore.
    07-10-14 07:18 AM

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