1. rgarza8's Avatar
    I was at the Dallas airport yesterday and walked into one of those electronic stores. I asked the clerk for BlackBerry cases. His response. Didn't they go out of business?

    I quickly pulled out my z10 and showed that we are alive and kicking.

    It was funny and I thought I would share.

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    11-22-13 01:36 PM
  2. dslocumb's Avatar
    Idiots... SMH.
    11-22-13 01:36 PM
  3. nhanken's Avatar
    I never buy BlackBerry accessories from stores to prevent my baby tantrum from exploding

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    11-22-13 01:42 PM
  4. eldricho's Avatar
    Most people haven't heard that they put the for sale sign down again. There was a lot more buzz when it was put up, then when it was put down again. Also almost 90% of articles made between end September, beginning pf November kept mentioning the sale of the company

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    11-22-13 01:45 PM

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