03-28-14 05:45 PM
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  1. officially_juju's Avatar
    I was wondering this... had BB10 not been able to support Android apps would you still use them?

    Sadly, this is a deal-breaker for me. I use a Q10 so gaming isn't a deal to me but the basic Banking, Social and Shopping apps are a part of my everyday life. I gave up my 9900 because, while I was in love with the software and hardware, it no longer was for me as I needed my phone to just do more. I then moved to the iPhone but got bored soooo quickly lol.

    My Q10 is the perfect marriage between the two now so I am happy BlackBerry saw this is a must.
    03-26-14 12:11 AM
  2. Dave Bourque's Avatar
    It's a must for sure. But the software improvements are only getting started. Expect a even better android runtime.

    03-26-14 12:13 AM
  3. chern's Avatar

    Posted via CB10
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    03-26-14 12:13 AM
  4. BBFanatic4Life's Avatar
    I certainly would.

    I consider the Android Runtime icing on the cake. I only use 1-2 android apps, which I could get by without using. I appreciate being able to use Android apps, and it does make for a more enjoyable experience and it kicks things up a notch, but if I couldn't use Android apps I'd still happily use BB10, it just wouldn't be as complete of an experience.
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    03-26-14 12:18 AM
  5. Audux's Avatar
    Definitely yes... I also own an android device simply because I still benefit from some android apps.

    BlackBerry took a leap by allowing android to run on top of it, but I have an android device, i'd rather run it there.

    I have other ways to enjoy my BlackBerry device as it is.

    Posted via Q10 running
    03-26-14 12:35 AM
  6. Vikneswaran Murugan's Avatar
    yes for sure I will be more happy if that happens

    Posted via CB10
    03-26-14 12:42 AM
  7. parthokarki's Avatar
    Well currently iam not using any android apps in my q10.

    Whatever I need I have it from BFB apps.

    But yeah I have to admit that previously I had this strong belief that android apps were needed.

    Still android apps help a lot to convert people to BB.

    Posted via CB10
    03-26-14 12:43 AM
  8. misterabrasive's Avatar
    Yes, I absolutely would. I'm not interested in getting Android apps. Everything I need is in BB World.

    Posted via Verizon Official 10.2.1
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    03-26-14 12:57 AM
  9. KGM686's Avatar
    Certainly I would use BlackBerry. I always prefer BlackBerry, so many times I have tried Android but always liked BlackBerry. After Android Runtime I am using only two or three Android apps.
    03-26-14 12:57 AM
  10. chgaida's Avatar
    Simple yes.

    Posted via CB10
    03-26-14 01:00 AM
  11. J Quimson's Avatar
    Same here. I use an android phone for whatever apps I need from it. But my daily drivers are 2 Z10s. Everything I need and want are done by my BlackBerry phones and rarely even have my android on me at all.

    Posted via CB10
    03-26-14 01:01 AM
  12. Melinium's Avatar
    Yes but i have to keep an Android phone with me for the few apps i need.
    03-26-14 01:01 AM
  13. red72's Avatar
    yes. Up until BB10 and now that they do sort of support it (not all work, and some you have to work at getting them to run) its kind of strange to me. Does any other platform run anothers apps? Just seems weird, but i guess for those who had an app gap this probably kept them on board. Hey whatever works right?
    03-26-14 01:14 AM
  14. Tornado Tim's Avatar
    Yup definitely, I got my BlackBerry Z30 without evening knowing it could run Android apps.
    Cascades will always beat Android apps hands down. I just wish Developers would develop on it more....
    03-26-14 01:15 AM
  15. PavelSh's Avatar
    Definitely yes.

    Posted via CB10
    03-26-14 01:15 AM
  16. Fabi99's Avatar
    Of course I would

    BlackBerry 10 ftw
    03-26-14 01:29 AM
  17. Bonnie Bonzai's Avatar
    Of course I'd still use BlackBerry - I'm not interested in anything Android or Apple for that matter.
    03-26-14 01:30 AM
  18. Johberry's Avatar
    Yes, of course. I currently don't use Android Apps.

    Posted via CB10
    03-26-14 01:31 AM
  19. Daniel Irving's Avatar
    Stupid question.

    This is Crackberry after all.

    You know...a BlackBerry forum.

    Posted via CB10
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    03-26-14 01:38 AM
  20. W1ck3D86's Avatar
    yes...its the best os available at the moment
    03-26-14 01:47 AM
  21. ioan_calin's Avatar
    Of course yes. I haven't installed any android apps on my BB10, maybe that is why is working flawlessly. If I want android apps, then I buy an android phone.
    03-26-14 01:52 AM
  22. tatail's Avatar
    I have installed many android apps but surprisingly I don't use them..
    So android runtime literally doesn't exist for me already.
    03-26-14 01:55 AM
  23. santhoshmanikandan's Avatar
    Will always use native apps which work flawlessly.BB can try to bring more native apps than enabling android compatability.
    03-26-14 02:00 AM
  24. Man@Arms's Avatar
    yeah buddy!
    03-26-14 02:08 AM
  25. Raestloz's Avatar

    I have an Android phone. The only games I install also happen to be available for BB10. Granted they lack multiplayer, but that's not the point. The point is I generally don't lose anything if Android support is gone
    03-26-14 03:01 AM
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