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    Would you buy this if it were launched as Z50?-img_20170226_214540.jpg
    Would you buy this if it were launched as Z50?-img_20170226_214601.jpg
    Would you buy this if it were launched as Z50?-img_20170226_214619.jpg

    Iam actually gonna introduce this device as if i were trying to convince you to buy it...like they do in regular launch events. I have kept the phone realistic. It is possible to make this with 2017's technology.

    The BlackBerry Z30 was a legendary smartphone which unfortunately landed when the company's future prospects seemed bleak and so instead of winning over consumers, it became a victim to the company's bleak prospects. It was a great smartphone nonetheless and one of the best BlackBerry smartphones and thats why today... i am proud to announce the BlackBerry Z50.

    This is a very beautiful looking device. The blend of titanium and BlackBerry's proprietary glass weave material. A result of this striking combination is a premium looking device thats grippy and actually feels good in the hand.

    We have made several innovations on this device. It is safe to say that it is the most innovative BlackBerry yet.
    Starting with the screen we have fitted a 5.7 inch 4k display in a phone whose body is just 14 cm tall by 6.5 cm wide. The screen is bezel-less from 3 out of its four sides making it the first smartphone with a 4k bezel-less display.

    We have even made the power button more innovative.
    We have added the power button on the bottom bezel of the phone. If you will notice in the phone's design there is no volume rocker buttons and no conveinience key.

    In the power button is a fingerprint sensor which is the fastest fingerprint sensor in any smartphone. Now whats innovative about the home button is that while it can press it can most certainly also register swipes. A swipe up on the power button will increase the volume while a swipe down will lower the device volume. A double tap (tap not press) on the power button will launch conveinience key action.

    For the first time in history of BlackBerry the Z50 will come in two variants. One will have BlackBerry 10.3.3 running on it and the other will have android 7.1 nougat. We made this decision to cater to both consumers as well as power professionals.

    We have made some design innovations such as making the phone ip68 water resistant. One big area where we did something new is in the speakers.

    You know how we place our phones on the table or bed. Some of us put them face up and others put them face down. Most phones have backwards or forward facing speakers and when placed on a table it muffles the sound. So we did something new with our friends at Shure. We for the first time put sideward mounted speakers on a BlackBerry and while there are meshes for the sound to come out on the side... those are only bass drivers... the whole titanium frame is made with extra care to create sound... the sound comes out from the entire titanium frame. This way it is impossible to have muffled sound coming out of the Z50.

    The other innovation we have made is that we have removed the led light. Yes we see expressions of shock on your faces and we are here to turn them to that of delight. We have made the BlackBerry logo on the phone an led notifier. The BlackBerry logo glows when you use the phone like you have seen in apple's macbooks. However, we took it one step further...the BlackBerry logo can blink in 12 different colours notifying you about the various notifications. But we are BlackBerry and we had to take this to the next level. Take note that the BlackBerry logo consists of seven flying D. We can make each one of them glow alone and in all 12 colors giving you a total combination of 12x7=84 different possible notifications. You can set a particular D in a particular color for a particular contact.

    thats not all... we have made the phone easier to find in the dark. Once you enable this feature in the setting the BlackBerry logo glows whenever you clap twice helping you to find your phone in the dark.

    The phone has a 5.7 inch 4k display with an 8mp selfie camera with dual tone flash. The primary camera is a 16 megapixel camera with an amazing aperture and a triple tone flash not to forget the BlackBerry logo acts as a fourth flash if necessary. The phone is powered by a snapdragon 835 processor with 6gb of ram and 64 gb internal storage with sd card expansion of upto 200gb. The phone has a 3600 mah battery on it.

    We have done all this while keeping the phone very slim at 6.4 mm.

    Now for the best part. There is no port on this phone except for the headphone jack. Yes... we see your expressions of horrot and once mpre you will be delighted to know that we have done a huge innovation here too.

    Introducing BlackBerry charging brick.
    It is a magnetic connector that slaps on to the back of the Z50. It is surprisingly slim at just 5mm and stores 7200 mah of power which is enough to charge the phone twice over. Now for whats amazing about the brick. You can charge the brick with any regular charger and then slap the brick on the phone and charge it on the go. Your phone can be charging in your pocket. It is inhuman to have to stick to a wall for hours on end to charge your phone and also use it. Your phone will be fully charged in roughly 50 minutes. We have added a camera hole on the brick should you want to click pictures while charging your phone and also a notifications led on the brick itself since the BlackBerry logo will be covered while you charge.

    Whats even cooler is that it gives yoyr phone access to 8 different ports at a time while not permanently making your phone thicker.
    It has 2 micro usb type c ports (quick charge 3.0 enabled)
    2 regular micro usb ports( great for data transfer when you dont have type c on hand)
    1 regular usb port (no more otg cable bull****)
    1 type c usb port ( helps to connect to the new macbook)
    1 hdmi port
    1 projector port

    All this allows your phone to connect to a lot of other peripherals without making the phone permanently thick.

    The phone will out for sale in in as early as 15th march and it will be priced at around 800$.

    This is by far the best BlackBerry smartphone ever and we would like to thank you for joining us tonight .


    Would you buy this... if yes which os variant would yoy buy if such a phone existed.

    Posted via my BlackBerry KEYone (but u know i am lying)
    02-26-17 11:31 AM
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    02-26-17 11:32 AM

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