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    When BB10 devices retire in 1-2 years, there will be no security threats to expose their OS source code.
    This may make the community able to revive the OS, extend the support for their BlackBerry devices, and even introduce the OS to other devices and hardware.

    Of course BlackBerry won't directly benefit from this, but what are they going to lose !!. It would be an enormous waste to just discard it.

    The only concern I can think about is the possibility that BB10 shares a lot with QNX, which may make BlackBerry anxious about hackers anticipating their bugs.

    What do you think?

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    07-09-17 04:40 PM
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    Ok that is a redundant topic. Should have searched it before posting. A lot of good answers there!!

    How to delete the thread via the CB app? Can't find the option!!

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    07-09-17 04:43 PM

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