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    08-18-14 02:19 AM
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    Ahh snap!

    How much did Chen pay them? Yeah...like BlackBerry have the money to throw around for tech websites.

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    BlackBerry 10.2 (1st Place)
    The underdog takes the crown. The BlackBerry 10.2 OS is undoubtedly the best designed mobile OS out of the box that’s currently available in the market. We were stunned by the result and to be honest, we delayed sending the magazine to print a day just to recheck everything. BlackBerry’s been behind the times for some time, if we're honest, and BB10 was supposed to be the game-changer. Quite frankly though, most people haven't given the OS much attention. While we’re not arguing the justification for that disdain, it’s quite clear that the OS deserves much more attention than it actually receives.
    Now BlackBerry OS 10.2 ( for those who want specifics) has, by today’s standards, a very lacklustre browser – lacking even basic sync functionality, a messaging app (SMS) that’s also very basic, and that’s it. Those were the only real downsides to the OS. The browser itself is not terrible, and gets most things done, but with a whole range of other features being offered by the other platforms, somehow quick rendering and a reader mode don't make up the gap.
    BlackBerry OS 10.2 boasts of the most feature-rich search engine, an e-mail and contact management system that’s second to none, and is also surprisingly more customisable than we thought it would be, and also offers a good photography and video capture experience.
    The sheer functionality offered by the OS, out-of-the-box, just cannot be ignored. Once you complete the initial setup, the device is perfectly capable of performing just about any and every task you would expect from a phone, and then some.
    Take the search functionality, it truly is a universal search. A function that scans every bit of data on your phone, including browser history, e-mail and SMS conversations and much more. No other OS in our test was capable of performing these actions. In effect, the search is so effective that BlackBerry OS 10.2 walks away with scores that indicate it to be more than twice as good as Android’s implementation. Only iOS managed to come even close to BB10’s performance in this department.
    E-mail was another area where BlackBerry OS 10.2 outshone every other OS (we expected this one). However it was the margin of victory (a score of 83.2, which is a full 30 points ahead of Android’s gmail app) that surprised us a little. The reason for this massive performance difference lies in the way the OS deals with e-mail. While the others are content to leave e-mail management to an app, BlackBerry OS 10.2 integrates e-mail into the OS, making it as native to the platform as a dialler is to a phone. This lends the OS some distinct advantages, particularly when it comes to managing multiple accounts and search, courtesy of the “Hub”.
    Anyone who’s used a BlackBerry device knows that it’s a device that places communication first and entertainment second, and that comes across very clearly in our tests. Entertainment options, which would include the browser, photography, etc., are functional components and powerful enough to not give the average user cause for complaint. At the same time, the communication modules are so well designed and integrated into the OS that they far outstrip the competition and place this OS as the clear leader out of the box.
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    Great review

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    Unfortunately this is something that we already know. And the rest of the world don't. The positive side to this is that next time someone asks why I choose BlackBerry I can just point to this.
    08-18-14 03:17 AM
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    For me, it's pretty accurate.

    I hate Android, it's just a full of gimmick for me, I like IOS ecosystem but the fact that it's too close ecosystem bother me, and if I want to quit Blackberry (I will never make this mistake) I would want a windows phone

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    I won't do it because I don't want to get anyone too riled up but I wonder how the folks over at AC would respond to this. These articles always lead to a fight but I'd be interested in seeing an honest debate about this.
    08-18-14 07:58 AM
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    Worst OS, compared to Nokia Symbian Belle...therefore it can't reach to android and ios platform...

    08-18-14 09:13 AM
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    Front page please!

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