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    I used to have a Blackberry Torch and upgraded to a z10 on day 1 of the launch here in Canada. The difference in user experience from BB OS to BB10 was a huge improvement.... due in large part to the disappearance of the BlackBerry loading circle. Well here's the thing, after 2 years of z10 action and multiple OS updates, the BlackBerry loading circle has never fully disappeared.... To me, what is really frustrating is that the one place the loading circle continues to exist is BlackBerry World!!! Every time I enter BlackBerry World I'm forced to stare at the BlackBerry loading circle... Check for app updates?? It's more time staring at the loading circle to the point where I have often closed the app assuming that it has frozen. Come on BlackBerry... if there is one area where your OS should be quick and buttery smooth it should be accessing your own App store!!! Has anyone else been driven to frustration over this because every time I see a notification to update an app in BlackBerry World I know I will go through a momentary desire to throw my z10 in the river and buy an iPhone....
    12-19-14 03:50 AM
  2. sajko11's Avatar
    Really? This is your problem? Buy an iPhone... geez...

    Posted via CB10 with my Z10 (Z10STL100-2/
    12-19-14 03:56 AM
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    For god sake upgrade your internet to higher speed.

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    12-19-14 04:02 AM
  4. johnny_bravo72's Avatar
    Really? This is your problem? Buy an iPhone... geez...

    Posted via CB10 with my Z10 (Z10STL100-2/
    Sadly, that's what millions have done.

    Posted from a D618
    12-19-14 04:02 AM
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    This is an Internet issue. Not a BlackBerry issue. My bbw launches fast either on internet or mobile data. Switch if you choose but till you fix net issue all phones will be slow.

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    12-19-14 04:05 AM
  6. outoftheice's Avatar
    Interesting that others do not have this issue and see it as in Internet issue. For me the issue occurs whether I'm connecting to BlackBerry World using 4G LTE or Wi-Fi and is consistently slow regardless of the Wi-Fi connection I'm using. To me, that says it's not an issue with "the Internet". Curious if people have any other ideas as to what the weak link could be if this is not a universal issue with BB10 phones?? Could it be a difference between 10.2 and 10.3 OS?
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    12-19-14 11:15 AM
  7. thedose's Avatar
    I don't have this issue so I'm going to also place it with the Internet problem camp. BBW runs flawlessly for me and I'm on OS :shrug:
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    12-19-14 12:32 PM
  8. jsanakonda's Avatar
    Yes, there is a lag, but I wouldn't dramatised about it.

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    12-20-14 04:00 AM
  9. Deitzanova's Avatar
    The OP needs to upgrade their Internet connection.

    Posted via CB10
    12-20-14 04:17 AM
  10. bakron1's Avatar
    The Internet speed is the issue and the OP should upgrade their connection. As far as the lag issue, try using the latest IOS 8 and then tell me about lag!

    Sent from my lovely z30 on T Mobile USA
    12-20-14 07:36 AM

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