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    Lately I've been trying to separate my work accounts from the personal ones (as a personal preference). The best platform is Android because it has Android for Work which works beautifully. On iOS I haven't seen anything similar.

    Even though I've switched away from BB10, from time to time I use a Classic or PP just because I like typing on the pkb.

    I've tried doing a work/personal separation like I did on Android, and I've found it's somewhat possible, mostly due to Android Runtime.

    I won't go into much detail because it's just a small experiment.

    First of all, I use BB10 as work space and the Android runtime as a personal space and I have cobalt's Google play.

    Contacts. For Business I only use E-mails and calls and I dislike it when someone contacts me via IM.

    I've added my work gmail account the usual BB10 way. - Then under android "mobile settings" (from cobalt) I removed the built-in contacts account
    - added a davdroid account with owncloud.
    - Installed one whatsapp (or telegram) from Google play and one from bb app world. Now I have 2 whatsapps with different contact lists.
    - Blocked BB10 WA access to contacts because I'm not interested in future business contacts on IM
    - readded personal account because Android IM app can't see BB contacts and I wanted them for step 2
    - personal contact management can be done with "activity launcher" downloaded from f-droid

    Step 2. Calls
    - work SIM card in BB10
    - running personal freepbx server with personal SIM card attached via old huawei usb modem (could have migrated to a sip provider but this was also an experiment)
    - using BB10 Taki to connect to sip server (via IPSEC vpn) and make personal calls. Csipsimple is an ok alternative

    So, these are the basics. Bonus : install AppOps to block other Android apps access to contacts/location and improve battery life.

    Posted via CB10
    01-19-17 09:16 PM
  2. Rodney Wilder's Avatar
    Curious to see how this works out for you.
    01-19-17 10:47 PM
  3. werkregen's Avatar
    Curious to see how this works out for you.
    Well, it works as expected mostly. Obviously the experience is not as smooth as on Android, but it's ok for occasional use. Davrdoid syncs just fine, taki works, whatsapp can't send media (WAA fixer not installed) but push works, battery life is ok.

    One thing I've noticed from all this. I've loaded several android apps to replicate the Priv experience: Maps, Tapatalk, Uber, Nextcloud, Firefox, reddit and a few others. Passport crashes and reboots pretty often whereas the Classic, even though it's slower, doesn't crash. The Passport is on 10.3.3 but it did this on 10.3.2 too (that's why I updated to .3) and the setups between the 2 are almost identical.
    01-20-17 08:52 AM

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