1. kalamm1's Avatar
    I'm trying to use a remote desktop app installed on my personal profile to use the intranet available through my work profile on the same device.
    Unfortunately, our IT group is not allowing us to white list a RD app on our work profiles.
    Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.
    01-22-16 07:59 PM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    There is no way of getting this done without provisioning. You need to ask your Admin.
    01-22-16 08:04 PM
  3. rthonpm's Avatar
    The closest you could do is if your company has a terminal server you can access and then RDP from that to the workstation you're looking to access.

    Posted via CB10
    01-23-16 11:19 AM
  4. rthonpm's Avatar
    If the IT group does not allow you remote access, you can simply not access computers remotely. You need to contact your IT department for enabling remote access functionality and you can use tools like logmein, R-HUB remote suport servers, gosupportnow, teamviewer etc. for remotely accessing computers from anywhere anytime.
    Be careful with advice like this: installing some of these applications may be a violation of your company's security policies.

    Posted via CB10
    02-22-17 05:43 AM

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