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    With all the talk of Priv and android phones I was thinking of what all I would miss if I ever had to switch phones. Word Substitution would be high on my list. I am not a fan of using text inputs like ttl or so many others. If I find I use those terms I then setup WS so I can still use the shortcut but it will type the real words. Also many other lines I use frequently I can setup to speed up my typing experience. I find I get much more professional (if right word) looking texts or msgs.
    I don't think it gets enough praise from BlackBerry users unless they don't actually use it. Maybe it's just me being lazy but I love it. One down side is I tend to try use these on my computer and have to do a lot of backspacing. BlackBerry 10 is really a good os and I'm so sad the masses may never get to see it. I don't use apps much but have seen some pretty cool ones that I'm a bit sad there will never be that for us.

    Anyway I just wanted to bring this topic up somewhere with others who might know of this awesome feature.

    Reg Q10SQN100-1/10.3.2 beta
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    11-17-15 12:21 AM
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    Is it not something that got carried over to the Priv? I entirely agree and use these 'shortcuts' all the time. I think that they are the main reason why I can feel like I am actually quicker on my BlackBerry than on my computer. I love the fact that you can shortcut phrases or company names, phone numbers, addresses... the uses are really endless.

    For anyone who doesn't take full advantage of them, I agree completely. Word substitution is an awesome feature and saves lots of time.

    Can anyone she'd some light on whether or not this feature came to the Priv or not?
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    11-17-15 12:40 AM

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