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    If all the apps are given the permission to run background without having to be open as active frames then will this cause the BlackBerry to face performance issues? Will this affect my games? Since the apps r not headless now, they use no memory resources but when they are headless all the apps in my phone with be using up the available resources and cause the phone to slow down during tasks such as gaming?

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    09-29-13 04:01 AM
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    Actually quite the opposite if you believe what Dev Relations says about the solution. it's designed to work with the OS for maximum performance.
    Through our research into the headless use cases with our development community, it became very apparent that they needed to be running in order to listen for certain triggers that in turn made them take action. In many cases these applications were polling, or assigning constantly open listeners using up valuable CPU and memory resources of the device. In almost all of these cases, each time a trigger fired, the application actually took on small amounts of processing. So there was a ton of overhead going on in order to have small short bursts of action.

    Funny enough, when we researched the memory usage of the headless components of our core applications on BlackBerry 10, they all fell beneath the 3MB limit we place on third party headless applications. As an example, the BBM headless portion uses 1772KB of memory. It goes to show that highly functional headless applications can be built staying within this cap. We even have the capability to bump the cap via permissions if a special use case arises.
    09-29-13 04:16 AM

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