1. darkangel123elijah's Avatar
    Is it possible to put bb0s10 on another phone like a note 3 or android device! ??

    Posted via the zeta 10
    11-10-13 04:49 AM
  2. danielrivers's Avatar

    Posted via CB10
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    11-10-13 04:56 AM
  3. Branta's Avatar
    It is very unlikely that an OS built for BlackBerry hardware would run on a different device. However it is (theoretically) possible to modify and recompile into the correct format for other hardware, and it should work IF the boot loader can be modified to load a different OS. This would require access to source code on both sides, and probably creation of several new custom modules so it is NOT a user level modification.
    11-10-13 05:01 AM
  4. darkangel123elijah's Avatar
    I know but is it possible?

    Posted via the zeta 10
    11-10-13 09:17 AM
  5. dieselman89's Avatar
    Possible? Yes, just like we can run Windows on a Mac or Linux on a Windows PC.
    Probability? Next to none; BlackBerry doesn't hand out that kind of info to just anyone.

    Leaked from my Z10's CB10 app, running off of 10.2.x.xxxx
    11-10-13 09:23 AM
  6. leejayh's Avatar
    It is possible. My bet is that the easiest would be devices that have similar if not the exact same hardware (cpu and graphics). Then the drivers for the peripherals - camera, etc.

    But the devices would need to be unlocked (bootloaders), and I imaging that BlackBerry would have to make changes to other critical things like secure elements, etc.

    So, doable, but no easy thing

    I would rather they partner with HTC and have someone make great hardware for them and create a new high end bb10 phone.

    I have been saying, bb10 on HTC one. They both need it!

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    11-10-13 10:52 AM
  7. danielrivers's Avatar
    It wouldn't be possible to load on the note 3 as you asked, the hardware architecture is totally different, would likely need major changes to BB10 for this to happen.

    Posted via CB10
    11-11-13 02:30 AM

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