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    So I bought a new router, hooked it up with all the settings from my past router.... most everything connected - Laptop, Windows tablet, Roku, DirectTV, NAS, Xbox, iPad, iPhone, range extender in Pool House, even my old PlayBook connected with no problem. But while two BlackBerry Z10 phones would connect to the WiFi network, they got the Limited Internet Connection warnings and the symbol stayed on LTE and the carriers network.


    Searching the internet...
    Changing Channels on the WiFi (did all of them)
    Changed Bands to only N, then G.....
    Turned off the 5G radio
    Turned off the 2.4G radio
    Turned off Mobile Network
    Tried updating the router firmware
    Changed type of security, removed security requirements
    Rebooted, rebooted and rebooted - router and phone.
    Deleted the saved WiFi network on the phone.... repeatedly

    None of that worked. I eventual reset the router to most of the default settings, deleted the saved WiFi Network on my phone, and instead of using a password to connect to my secured WiFi network, I use the WPS Button (WiFi Protected Setup).

    So on my router I pressed the WPS Button, and then on my phone I selected the Network I wanted to connect to and then instead of entering my password I used the WPS option. It connected again, but now I had Internet access, and it seems to be working just fine now on both BlackBerry Z10's.

    Not sure why this new router (Linksys WRT1900ACS) doesn't work well with BB10.
    12-17-15 08:53 AM

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