03-22-15 01:29 PM
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  1. cbvinh's Avatar
    Same here, Z10 drops connection very often. And very often, like every other network gets me "limited connectivity".
    There is few things that sometimes help.
    - setting static ip address
    - instead of dual band try setting 2.4 or 5ghz (test both to see which works).
    Unfortunately there are cases where neither of these works and than only solution is to to disable mobile data and use only wifi.
    I'm sorry, but this isn't making sense to me, unless you're saying that having mobile network On plus wi-fi network On causes wi-fi to become unstable. Having wi-fi only and it getting limited connectivity doesn't sound like a solution.
    03-21-15 03:08 PM
  2. Marko M1's Avatar
    Thatcher exactly as I'm saying. My mobile network is always on and I turn wifi on when needed. Since 10.3.1 update "limited connectivity" has become very often. Way around that is to disable mobile data when using wifi.

    Posted via CB10
    03-22-15 01:29 PM
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