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  1. to boldly go's Avatar
    I seek to understand! Why / when should the BB logo appear when you are on wifi only, even WITHOUT A SIM CARD?

    It seems i used to be able to use wifi, whether my wifi device or elsewhere (but 'elsewhere' is really only one location), without the BB logo appearing beside the wifi signal logo. Then it changed, and frequently the change seemed to slow down my signal.

    So, I am asking again, because i bought that 9790 just to have Slacker work 100% again. I turned it on to wifi stream a talk radio show just to see how well it would work, and its working great, and there is NO BB logo beside the wifi.

    I would like ATnT to quit provisioning my wifi signal. Of course calling them i got a guy who didnt understand the question, and i dont know if my brain is correctly interpreting what's going on here. I dont want to fix what's not broken, even if it is KINDA broken.

    My other clue from recent memory is this:. I recently gave away a Q5 and went and bought another one, and it was working with no BB logo for awhile (few weeks) then the logo appeared. Which is ok, but why does it have to be there? And if i never ever put a sim card in my 9790, will it continue to work without change? Isnt the browser not supposed to work (it does work.)?

    I hope my question makes sense, i am letting my ignorance all hang out here.

    Hmmm! Edit to update info:. While i was typing this, which was right after i gave up on talking to ATnT, my signal on the talkshow stream got interrupted for the first time since it started two hours previous. The signal then kept buffering, another first. Im just listening to talkstream live. My wifi device said to contact my carrier about this device! I took out the battery, turned wifi off on both my 9790 and my playbook, turned everything back on again and now its fine.
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    09-02-15 10:16 AM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    The dots icon indicate BlackBerry Services enabled.

    It will show as soon as the device can reach BlackBerry servers and connect the services (BBM, Protect, Travel, etc).

    What kind of data (wifi/carrier) and precense of SIM card are irrelevant on BB10.

    On legacy devices BBOS 7 and below), you'd need BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) enabled on your phone line and associated with the device in order to connect to the NOC (BlackBerry Server). Onde that was done, you could connect over WiFi, but as soon as the device's PIN was no longer associated with BIS (or BES), you would no longer be able to access and the dots would not show (no matter if WiFi or carrier data).

    Some apps on Legacy devices needed BIS to work (were they BlackBerry's or not). Some didn't. At some point, BlackBerry World was changed so it didn't require BIS to work and you could download from it on WiFi on a device that never had BIS/BES.

    So that's why the dots have to be there. So apps that need access to the NOC can work (which in a 9790's case, is almost everything). The browser on BBOS works as long as you have data. The problem used to be that you'd get charged extra for it on carrier data if you didn't have BIS on it.
    09-02-15 10:27 AM
  3. to boldly go's Avatar
    This seems like a contradiction. I was able to connect to the internet via wifi, pretty quickly I might add, and i was able to go to duck duck go, and then to talkstreamlive, and stream audio, and there is no BB logo, and i have never used a sim in this phone nor contacted ATnT about it since buying it from amazon. (the 9790.)

    So my question was twofold, why would EITHER BB10 or BB7 'need' the BlackBerry logo to appear when using wifi only? I can see if there is a sim card in the phone maybe that would make sense even if data is off, but the inconsistent effects i have seen lead me to ask, it really ISNT that anything's not working, but i am finding it tends to work BETTER if there is no BB logo while on wifi. But not 100% of the time.

    I need to leave the premises now, so will check back later. (i edited my post not realizing there had already been a response, sorry!)
    09-02-15 11:15 AM

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