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    UPDATE: I did what Der_mit suggested, and it didn't work. It still wont detect the device. I also deleted Link hoping that this would work as der_mit suggested and still nothing. Any other suggestions?

    I have done a full security wipe, assuming that there was an issue, but it didn't fix the problem.

    So, basicly I connect my Z10 (10.2.1.....) using a BB usb cord while link is opened on my PC (windows 7 - yes link is uptodate).

    The device doesn't sync or connect, nor do i get that annoying notification beep, however the device does charge.

    I can access myfiles and suff through wifi. My goal however is just to create a backup of the device for just in case.

    What can I do to figure out whats wrong?

    I am not running a leak, but i do have a number of android apps including SNAP. not sure if this is enough info.
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    Turn off the phone,
    Plug the phone onto the pc.
    Turn on the phone and let it load up.

    That should install any necessary drivers onto the pc.

    Hope that helps.

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    02-16-15 05:37 AM

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