04-06-16 08:50 PM
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  1. Fahimaiub1's Avatar
    It's damage

    Posted via CB10
    04-01-16 02:47 AM
  2. khlover520's Avatar
    It's the best OS there is. Period.

    Posted via CB10
    04-01-16 03:01 AM
  3. Gm1m2overrsquared's Avatar
    Greatest OS I have ever used and what I believe is out there in regards to the competition.

    Posted via my Expired Passport
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    04-01-16 03:14 AM
  4. jpoq's Avatar
    Because is good.

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    04-01-16 03:36 AM
  5. michaelgo101's Avatar
    Because OS and keyboard.

    Posted using the Little Beast Q10
    04-01-16 05:25 AM
  6. madh263362's Avatar
    Hub and keyboard

    04-01-16 06:28 AM
  7. paulsebastiant's Avatar
    OS, servers( if remain at the same lavel) hardware, brand.
    04-01-16 08:49 AM
  8. LSDBerry's Avatar
    Hardware, Keyboard, Hub.

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    04-01-16 09:06 AM
  9. gamegurl's Avatar
    It just feels right. Lol

    "My mind is telling me no! But my body, my body, is telling me yeah"

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    04-01-16 09:41 AM
  10. albertinik's Avatar


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    04-01-16 10:33 AM
  11. nismorg's Avatar
    I've tried to get rid of BB10 with an iphone before, and a Priv twice, but every time I see something that reminds me of BB10.

    Just the other night, I put the priv in Night mode - and 2 hours later I woke up when an email came in..... That never happens on the BB10. My passport knew better not to disturb me.

    just little nick nacks here and there about android that annoy me. sure you can achieve the same on the priv by swiping left, taping twice, pulling down, but BB10 does all of that a lot more efficiently.
    04-01-16 10:57 AM
  12. Maxxxpower's Avatar
    Keyboard and Hub.
    04-01-16 10:58 AM
  13. karloil's Avatar
    Because of the keyboard.
    04-01-16 11:16 AM
  14. nevertoofar's Avatar
    It's the most effective and efficient OS, it flows...

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    04-01-16 11:41 AM
  15. 10_z_no gimmick's Avatar
    BlackBerry 10 is no gimmick.

    Z30, STA100-2 /
    04-01-16 11:46 AM
  16. ohaiguise's Avatar
    Is no damage? Me like for long-time, very good yes?
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    04-01-16 11:49 AM
  17. thurask's Avatar
    It's damage

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    This is snek
    04-01-16 11:51 AM
  18. seletok's Avatar
    Hub, peek and gestures.

    Posted via CB10
    04-01-16 12:04 PM
  19. vgorous's Avatar
    Hub, peek, gestures and swift operating system.

    But the camera on the classic sucks for some reason. Never had issues with my z10 or my recent z30.

    Posted via CB10
    04-01-16 04:39 PM
  20. Class--'s Avatar
    I took my brothers old iphone6 when whatsapp revealed they were dropping us and promised him I wouldn't moan about it and use it for a whole week exclusively... I didn't make the week BB10 is just a flowing piece of goodness. I don't have to stop everything to check this message and come out of that app to see that message etc but the one stopping point was finding out I couldn't download a file from the net and bluetooth it to my offline laptop. I lost my **** as I needed the zip file and iOs just laughed at me. It cemented my therory that my Blackberrys are for work and iphones are for enjoying your off time. Still gutted about whatsapp revelations as all my family and friends are on it all over the world and it's the only must have app I require but I still have my PPSE in my hands and the iPhone on the desk collecting dust.
    The King is dead, long live the King!

    Posted via CB10
    04-01-16 05:34 PM
  21. gamegurl's Avatar
    Black background with white text right? Except the hub jk

    Love My Passport. Notification light, keyboard, backlight, there is a lot of stuff I don't like about Apple. I could just get an iPod Touch or iPad if I really needed access to the iOS store. Very limited design! All it is bigger or smaller with more or less hardware on it. They come out with it every year.

    Alphabet OS isn't tailored to each device! Seems like they just slap the OS on any device a company wants. (BlackBerry included, lmao)

    DAT HUB, 20 icons per screen on my Passport. Shortcuts are awesome for typing and App Startup. Miracast/Wifi-Direct, Removable Memory, Huge Battery, which is needed for our Android Apps.

    I am a huge Amazon shopper and BB10 and Amazon partnership seemed to be good. (I have Google Play, BlackBerry World, Amazon app store, Amazon Prime Now, and Amazon Underground) so I have my apps.

    Honestly only real problem is lack of support from BlackBerry. Needs a BlackBerry ASSistant alternative, was hoping Amazon would step in, but they ditch BB10 no more improvements. Who cares. Beezos + BlackBerry = Love, call it BeezBerry. Featuring the bzOS (lol)

    Gunning if (more like when) Hardware goes down, another company may grab it.

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    04-01-16 05:48 PM
  22. jimoates014's Avatar
    It's not bloody Google!

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    04-01-16 05:58 PM
  23. sandars's Avatar
    Because of the swiping. And Japanese keyboard.

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    04-02-16 03:43 AM
  24. vasilisN's Avatar
    Solid hardware, right size, professional look, security, the Hub, efficiency, keyboard and different target market! Not a game for kids!!!

    Posted via CB10
    04-02-16 05:34 AM
  25. JulesDB's Avatar
    The freedom of Android with the quality of iOS and the security of BlackBerry

    Posted via CB10
    04-02-16 06:01 AM
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