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    Final strong message for Blackberry Team and John Chen, CEO of Blackberry. Everyone must read!

    Since 2016 is almost knocking to the doors, I think it's time for me to take my thread into next level and more deeper. You can read my previous thread here:

    I see how everyone here is frustrated and asking why such company like Blackberry with building the right devices, the right software, can get their business model so wrong, I will tell you why - it's the OS globalization that really matters.

    This is obvious, because everyone see today what Blackberry done, they start selling Blackberry device powered by android OS which is global OS and everyone can use it worldwide and I can tell that this move is not so bad move at all if only Blackberry Priv device was only created as a DEMO device for everyone to see what features they are missing without Blackberry 10 OS and what is coming from Blackberry software third-party apps division for android OS, but it is only not a bad thing only if Priv was created for exactly the same reason as I wrote, if it's not and Blackberry is thinking to kill Blackberry 10OS and go only with android OS, then it is most definitely the worst move Blackberry could made and I tell you why.

    Talking about hardware business, yes, you can sell devices worldwide, but only devices itself, if you put a "niche OS" in that device so only few regions could use it, it's like the same as you put only this EU plug on your device:
    Why we should boycott android OS and demand Blackberry make Blackberry 10 OS global OS?-euro-flachstecker_2.jpg
    and start to sell device worldwide and be surprised why we got so small worldwide market share, why US, UK, Asian and other markets do not buy your devices and pretend it's not because you put only one type EU plug. You see, plug for devices is the same like languages, OS translations with keyboard layout letters for OS. If you sell your device with only EU plug, it's logically that only EU market will buy your devices, same story is with OS, if OS will have only "niche" translations only specific regions/markets will buy it, so today to talk about worldwide market share with BB10OS is irrelevant. In second hand you can tell whatever you want, but I think it's still pretty impressive how Blackberry can make 0,3% worldwide market share with such a "niche OS" compare to others "niche OS" which are mostly not even in the worldwide market share map and mostly are called "others".


    Talking about Blackberry 10 OS first world problem is that, then Blackberry launched their new Blackberry 10 OS in 2013, Blackberry done everything exactly the same like it was in 2005 and like Albert Einstein said "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.". Maybe it would be a success in 2005, but definitely not in 2013, why? Because OS as OS changed 180 degrees and become independent operating system from OS creator. If in 2005 every mobile OS was depended from OS creators, everyone who buy devices got functions and features what OS creator created and had to live with it and that's it, now OS is depended from third-party app developers, and it's obvious. Look at iOS, I think iOS is most stupidest OS for "smartphones" ever created, but it flourished just because of the huge third-party app developers support. Remember back in the days, you had even to download "Flashlight" app to have a f...... flashlight?? Same story with android OS and others OS.

    What I'm talking about is that Blackberry in 2013 BB10OS launch did exactly the same like in 2005, they translated and put keyboard layout letters and pushed OS to exactly same regions/markets as they did with older OS versions and this was a biggest mistake they could make because OS, like I said, in 2013 OS become no longer depended from OS creators and keeping BB10OS in purpose as a "niche OS", as it was with 6&7 OS or earlier versions, was not acceptable in today's 2013 world like it was in 2005, because like I said, OS become depended from third-party app developers, not from OS creators like Blackberry wanted. To be more clear, Blackberry 10 OS has least OS translation in the OS market, here's the facts:

    Numbers of supported Languages:
    Blackberry 10 OS: 34
    iOS: 67
    Android: 80
    Windows Phone: 54

    And to thank for changing OS to 180 degrees.. obviously we can to highly respected Steve Jobs. iOS from the first launch was pushed as many markets/regions as possible and yes, even to Baltic States (Lithuania,Latvia,Estonia) too. Steve Jobs did a great job, he just created device with stupidest OS ever made and called it "smartphone" and told everyone if you miss something or you want something more "just make app for that", that's it. He understand that he just need to make OS available to EVERYONE, so he just needed to translate OS so EVERYONE could understand how to use it and put keyboard letters so EVERYONE could type/write with it, if someone will miss something (like a f.... flashlight) they will make app for that and EVERYONE did! You will be surprised how strong support iOS have from Lithuanian third-party app developers which are employed by US companies or working on their own. If you are talking about perfect successful business story, JACKPOT!

    Ok, going back to BB10OS, if you compare BB10OS with iOS, Windows Phone or android OS, BB10OS is definitely smartest OS in this earth today. Since day one BB10OS got so many features like no other competitor had, from simplest integrated “flashlight” function, video maker (Story Maker) or even build in photo editor and list could go on and on, but just because of Blackberry's view stuck in 2005, that OS success still belongs only from OS creator and it's only enough to make OS available to the same markets/regions as they did all their life and do not think or did not want to accept that they will need third-party app developers support and third-party app developers will not be interested to support “niche OS” for few markets/regions, made them fail and fail bad.


    If Blackberry understand that they NEED to put global OS in their devices to increase devices sales more then it is today, so why Blackberry still keeping in purpose BB10OS as a “niche OS”? It makes no sense, except if they doing this in purpose.

    If until Blackberry Priv powered by android OS came out, Blackberry was unique with it's devices with BB10OS and had 0 competitors, because no one else was making devices with BB10OS, or had only 3 other competitors by OS, today with Blackberry Priv they went to competition at least with 22 other competitors who uses same android OS on their devices and by android OS, Blackberry do not have any uniqueness left and only hardware become really matters. If you watch youtube or read other reviews, you will understand that this already started and is happening right now.

    Why Blackberry wants to join this irrelevant competition? Why they abandoned BB10OS? Why they do not want to be unique and do not want to make BB10OS global OS and conquered the worldwide market with smartest OS ever created and they still keeping it in purpose as a “niche OS”?

    I'm not part of the Blackberry Team so I can't make any real direct influence for changes, but If Blackberry really do not have any vision what to do, I will offer few right now for:

    Software Division

    First of all about BB10OS. Yes, you spoiled BB10OS users by releasing updates every 1-3 or 6 months and every BB10OS user get used to this. I understand that no other OS creator do this, what other OS users get? In 1-2 years a single update release? And yes, BB10OS is mature enough and is smartest OS in this earth today, thanks to you Blackberry Team and I understand what is left to do is to polish everything and make some bug fixes.
    New features is not number one need today, third-party app developers “will make apps for that”, now you just need to make BB10OS global OS, translate OS and put keyboard layout letters to android OS level so EVERYONE in this world could use and enjoy your greatest creation.
    And one more thing, silence is not good. Just spread the word so every BB10OS user just calm down and stopped spreading false statements that you are killing BB10OS so they just knew that you are working with OS translations to make BB10OS available to use for EVERYONE worldwide so they can just fearlessly use their devices and will not be abandoned, BB10OS is at last a mature OS and more updates will come but not so often like it used to be. That's it, everyone will be in euphoria.

    Now about becoming third-party app developer for android OS. Like I said before, It is not bad thing at all, but if you just only making apps for android OS today and do nothing to make BB10OS global OS, then you are nothing but another third-party app developer from small town in Lithuania. Seriously, BB10OS MUST BE your number one priority, not these meaningless apps who nobody needs, no offense.
    In second hand, these android apps can be nice demo's to show features for android OS users what they'r missing not having BB10OS devices. Same could be done with iOS and Windows Phone too, but just for demo's/expanding to see what they can get from BB10OS devices straight from the box and "don't need app for that", definitely not abandoning BB10OS.

    Hardware Division

    Since this second, you MUST demand Software Division to make BB10OS global OS in upcoming 10.3.3, 10.3.4, 10.4 or whatever you will call next update, so you could finally put your native global OS, not adopted google's privcripple OS to your beautiful devices, that's it! Only after this you will be able to sell much more then 800k devices.

    Also, talking about your devices hardware. Loud speakers of Z30 and Passport Silver Edition should become your lowest standard for upcoming new phones, period. I do not understand why you did not put these great loud speakers for 1st generation Passport, just for Passport Silver Edition, but I'm glad you at least did it with Silver Edition. Honestly, Passport 1st generation loud speakers compared to Passport Silver Edition or even with Z30 and as I can hear from Blackberry Priv reviews, both are sh**. Do not do this anymore, Z30 and Passport Silver Edition loud speakers must be your lowest standard today.

    Finally, Third-party app developers support

    Only after BB10OS become global OS, third-app developers will want and see the need to support BB10OS, because today while BB10OS is still is a “niche OS” for few markets/regions it will never make interest for app developers to support and it's obvious. People don't buy devices, app developers don't see why they should be making native apps for a few guys in US and Canada. OS must be global, device must be global, then it will become interesting to people around the globe and just after this app developers get interest and feel the need to make native apps not wise versa. This is how iOS forced Google and others to make apps for them, if people couldn't use iOS devices of lack of OS translations, they did not bought so many iOS devices, Google and others would never done apps for iOS also, this is fact.


    Blackberry 10 OS supports only 34 countries and got 0,3% worldwide market share, fact is Windows Phone supports 20 more countries than Blackberry and got 2,7% worldwide market share, iOS supports 33 more countries than Blackberry and got 13,9% worldwide market share, Samsung with android OS supports 46 more countries than Blackberry and got 21,4% worldwide market share, it is clear to see that Blackberry must make BB10OS global OS so it could compete with others, because today BB10OS do not even have the rights to be compared with others OS by worldwide market share with this "niche" OS translations. First of all make BB10OS global OS, only after this we'll can compare to others OS and see what masses really wants, until now it's worthless speculations.

    Now I'm watching at my so damm beautiful Passport Silver Edition and it makes me sad because if Blackberry will not make BB10OS global OS and keeps keeping it as a "niche OS" and just kill it, it will be my last Blackberry..
    So everyone, just go to every known social media where Blackberry is and demand Blackberry move forward and make BB10OS global OS! I Wish everyone here best luck and for Blackberry I want to wish at last start 'moving forward' in 2016!

    P.S. Sorry for the long post, here's song which will help you to think about all of this before it's not too late and Blackberry Teams almost 3 years job will go to recycle bin and it become official from Blackberry CEO's lips.

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    It doesn't matter and never mattered. BB10 has been dead since 2010 or so. It is a fast moving business and they didn't. Even Microsoft which is vastly larger than BB is struggling. The only chance they have is to focus on a good skin on Android (hub etc) and hope that sells.
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    OP, you've been writing the same things in various forum sections, threads and forms already.
    Sorry, but no extra compilation thread needed.
    12-31-15 09:32 AM

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