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    Before I get into why the Q10 is such a beast I should first explain my foray into the world of BB10 and why I have been a BB phone user since I can remember. Except for a minor experience with a slider phone I have never owned another brand, and even then I still owned a BB as my primary device.

    Note: The slider keyboard phone was purchased because work supplied (paid) for my BlackBerry phone and I needed a cheap "texting" personal phone.

    The original reason for me moving to the Z10 (from Bold 9900) was the all-touch screen and increased screen real estate for media. Not realizing the limited apps, I viewed the Z10 as BlackBerry's version of the iPhone and I wanted the extra screen real estate an all-touch device could provide. I fell in love with the Z10 for many reasons with most of them being different than why I originally thought I would. In many ways I found the Z10 performs better than an iPhone. This was especially true when it came to function and flow of the OS. I also appreciated the extra screen real estate as the iPhone seems small in comparison. In addition the virtual keyboard on the iPhone is not even in the same league as the BB10 version.

    Side Note: I have since upgraded to the Z30 for personal use and used the Z10 as my work phone (until recently -- a few days ago). The Z30 is basically the Z10 on steroids, but that is for another discussion. So why mention all this?

    Before I talk about how much I love my Q10 I want people to be clear I love the all-touch Z10 and Z30, and did so even before the Q10 entered my life. I would also like to state that after getting my Z10 I thought I would NEVER go back to a physical keyboard phone, EVER!

    As mentioned above I have had the Q10 for a few days and have to say this phone is a beast, I absolutely LOVE it! At first I couldn't figure out what it was I loved so much about this phone and after doing some side-by-side comparisons (with the Z10) I think I finally figured it out. The Q10 is made for productivity and for power users and I will explain why.

    The form factor for this phone is ideal for one handed use, the 12 apps on the screen are more than enough for my essential work uses. Even if it weren't a minor swipe would give me quick access to 24 essential apps, more than enough for my work (productivity) use. With just 12 apps on the screen I am able to reach all the icons without moving anything other than my thumb.

    So I thought to myself why couldn't I "mimick" this setup on my Z10? And here is what I did:

    I compared the Z10 and Q10 side by side and aligned them with the top row of apps on each phone side-by-side. The phone layout for the top 3 rows (12 apps) was quite similar. With this in mind, and using my Z10, I thought why not place the 12 most used apps at the top of the Z10 app screen to mimick the Q10 layout. This worked quite well as I was able to access the apps quite easily using just my thumb.

    I recalled a short video by Kevin asking why we are not able to custom-align apps at the bottom of the screen (especially within folders using just a few apps) so they would be easier to access. This made a lot of sense at the time as the apps top-aligned were not easily accessible using one hand. I tried to figure out why I now preferred the apps at the top of the screen vs the bottom and this is when the light bulb went off!!!!

    In order to use my Z10 and mimick the ease of use accessing the apps using my thumb on the Q10 I had to shift my hand position slightly higher on the Z10. My hand is actually placed slightly higher than usual so I can easily access the top row of apps (and the top 3 rows - 12 apps) easily. From this hand position I soon realized it is a huge pain to minimize apps using the swipe up gesture from the base of the phone. I would actually have to shift my hand down and turn it slightly inwards from this position to be able to use the swipe gesture from the base of the phone. This is when I realized what makes the Q10 so damn effective...... the ability to use the swipe up gesture from close to the middle of the screen. This ability is what makes the Q10 work so damn well!

    This hand positioning allows for 3 things that help with my productivity:
    1. Can reach all apps on the screen,
    2. Full access to keyboard and shortcuts at all times,
    And most importantly
    3. I can easily use the swipe up gesture without moving my hand position

    Than I got an idea, BB10 should have an option on their all-touch devices to set the virtual keyboard to "Always ON". For names sake I am calling it "QWERTY Mode". To me this would provide the best of both worlds. When I am working and need to be productive I want to be able to position my hand on the phone so I can easily access my most used apps, have access to the keyboard and shortcuts from anywhere in the OS (like a physical keyboard) and the ability to use the swipe gesture without moving my hand position.

    To take it a step further (in QWERTY Mode) I would have the virtual keyboard mimick a physical keyboard in many aspects (example: dual 'letter', 'number" keys for phone dialing, etc.) An "Always ON" keyboard would allow for things like quickly dialing a number. Instead of clicking the phone app icon, clicking dial pad, then dialing number, 3 steps, the process can be reduced to 1, just dialing the number.

    On the flip side when I am not working and want to take advantage of the extra screen real estate, etc. I would be able to disable this feature and go back to the standard all-touch device setup/layout for games, media, apps, entertainment etc. as it is now.

    To make this work all BB10 needs to do is allow for the swipe up gesture from the top of an Always On virtual keyboard (QWERTY Mode). I think this is possible and would enable power and productivity minded users to do their thing while working and at the same time allow them to optimize their device for "play" when needed as well.
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    06-05-14 09:54 PM
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    Wow love your post op just wonderful to know how Q10 feels in daily life
    However I still love myZ10 and it's wonderful virtual keyboard <3

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    06-07-14 11:05 AM
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    I didn't read the OP's entire post, so I may be off here but why not just align key icons within the arc of your thumb along the entire height of the Z10 screen, with secondary icons such as utility programs harder to reach. Ureka!
    06-07-14 11:42 AM
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    Nice thought-flow OP. And i can relate to your experience with using the Z10 and ease of reach with one hand. What I finally did was to prioritize my apps based on frequency of use, group related ones into same folders, and then arranged them, for right-handed use, on the right side of the phone screen starting first from the second row down, then again adding others just to the left of the first similar from the second row downwards. The arrangement has really helped a lot and I mostly now use one hand to operate my phone.

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    06-07-14 01:11 PM

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