1. jhanks64's Avatar
    Maybe I'm looking at the wrong places, but every video of the Z10 and most of the Z30 comparisons don't really do a full comparison.

    How about showing actual use and how well things flow with BB10. I keep finding YouTube video's showing a year old Z10 or Pre 10.2.1 Z30 videos that don't show any actual data or very limited demonstrations of things that matter.

    The Ringmark or HTML5Test are fine and all, but how about showing the smooth operation of BB10 multitasking and moving around doing real things? I watched one where the guy called the Active Frames "recently used" apps like they were paused as on other OS's.

    Many reviews, video and written, say how great the keyboard and hub are and how they are the greatest, but seldom much more than that, like an actual email or text or share operation. Usually the ones that praise the Hub and other aspects, they end up complaining about lack of apps because they are very old videos and therefore end the review on a negative tone.

    I can't keep up with the work I have now and even though I do a good demo/training, I'm not good at making a video.

    I know that CrackBerry has some reviews and some how-to videos that get part way there, but are biased. I'm looking for Android Comparisons similar to Dad Does iPhone user review. Even his are long and spent a lot of time on some cool features like Miracast and USB OTG.

    Maybe I'm just tired or perhaps I'm overlooking some videos and this is way off base, please point me in a good direction if that's the case.
    07-10-14 06:13 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar

    I see lots of stuff, guess it's not what you're looking for? Once people get their initial comparisons out, honestly there's little incentive to do a comparison again. Unless of course you want a ton of rude comments like 'WTF ARE YOU DOING THIS 6 MONTHS IN?' or 'THAT'S NOT EVEN A FAIR COMPARISON.. DIE IN A FIRE' lol. Sad but true.
    07-11-14 12:00 AM
  3. jhanks64's Avatar
    I'll take a look at some of these, thanks.
    07-11-14 04:58 AM

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