1. bbz30_fanboy's Avatar
    Hi All,
    Someone please help me.
    I'm using BB Z30. It's awesome phone.
    From last one month I was using 10.3 OS and it was working fine.
    Yesterday I thought to reload official OS 10.2 as 10.3 is going to be available in feb. so I thought that I'll update official OS through device only.
    So I downloaded official 10.2 autoloader. When I started it, after resetting rom step, autoloaded exited. And I came to know that the downloaded file was corrupted. So after that my device is not showing anything. Only blank screen. It is not even showing Blackberry loading screen. So I tried to install OS using BB link's Reload option and It has successfully updated to my phone. But still screen is not showing anything.Only blank screen. I tried to call on BBz30 using another phone and call was connecting but nothing is showing on my Z30, not even ringing. I connected my phone to laptop and on Link it is showing, Device setup not completed. I've seen one forum somewhere it says if u enter your password 10 times wrong in autoloader then your all data will be lost. So I started device autoloader and I typed password 10 times wrong and it showed me that all data are erased from device. After that I tried to load OS using BB link reload option and it got sucessfully installed on my device without asking for a password. But still same problem, on device's screen nothing is showing. Only blank screen. Not even showing blacknerry loading screen, totally blank. When I connected to laptop it is showing device setup incompleted. So what should I do now? I'm from india. My brother gifted me this phone and he is from UAE. I have bills but it doesnt have international warranty(warranty not applicable in india). I called to one of the BB service centre and they said that they will not repair outof india devices. I told them to pay for the service also but they said no. Then what should I do now??? Where to go?? I'm from Bangalore, India. Someone please provide me some solutions to resolve this issue. or please give me list of blackberry authorized service/repair centres in bangalore. And it would be great if you (if BB employee is reading this msg. then) tell that BB service centre to repair my phone...Please please please help me...Try to understand me...Right now, I'm not in a condition to buy new device. My BB Z30 is my life. I cant live without it. I urgently need it. I can't do anything without it. missing BBM, BBM friends. I cant give my office presentations without it. My work is totally stopped. I'm crying now. Someone please help me.
    01-23-15 01:57 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Stop cross posting. Once is enough. - http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...e-help-992464/
    01-23-15 02:02 PM

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