1. Pete Jennings's Avatar
    Since upgrading my Passport to 10.3.1 , the sound profiles are really low, even when set to maximum volume. Am I alone with this?
    02-19-15 04:43 PM
  2. Ginowine's Avatar
    Indeed. I have the issue as well.

    Posted via CB10
    02-19-15 04:55 PM
  3. xubabi's Avatar
    I have the same problem. My Q10 just upgraded today to the official

    Even with all notification volume settings cranked to the max, the volume is too low to be heard when the phone is in a jacket pocket. Which makes it .... useless for audible notifications in regular use
    02-19-15 04:55 PM
  4. Carjackd's Avatar
    There is official bug thread for 10.3.1 where this is being discussed

    Executive Producer of a Bunch of Losers for a BBM Group that doesn't Exist via My Passport
    02-19-15 05:13 PM
  5. Pete Jennings's Avatar
    Lovely, thank you all for answering. Glad it's not just me

    Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Passport
    02-19-15 06:37 PM
  6. VeryBumpy's Avatar
    Welcome to 10.3.1, dandy to hear they listened to nothing the Classic owners complained about; this issue being one of them.
    02-19-15 07:32 PM
  7. xubabi's Avatar
    What is the best way to complain about this, then?
    I mean, formally to the company.
    02-20-15 04:09 AM

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