1. kfroese's Avatar
    I added the internet feed for my child's school calendar to my company Office 365 account. It is handy to see when events are coming up and so forth. However, my Q10 (on persists in automatically making most of the events "busy" so that my phone is perptually going into "Meeting Mode" when I don't expect it. Efforts to change my availability on that calendar to "free" usually get reset to "busy." Presumably that happens the next time the calendar is updated either by the school or the phone refreshing itself.

    The question: is there a way to make a calendar like that behave as "information only?"

    Thanks in advance.
    12-23-14 12:34 PM
  2. mrjmc99's Avatar
    I wish, I don't think there is. I can't use meeting mode because of this

    12-23-14 01:27 PM

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