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    I put my SD card into my Passport, and have rebooted a few times, and even after waiting several minutes after a reboot (during which time a click on the Videos icon will show "Scanning media card"), the Video icon, once clicked presents a screen showing there are no videos.

    I can browse to the media card in the File Manager and see the videos, and play them, so I am not sure what my next step is.

    Is there a way to tell the Videos app on 10.3 where to look for videos? I didn't have to do that under 10.2 on my Z30 but hey if it works, it works. On a tangent, in XBMC one can define sources of video, so I am wondering if the OS 10.3 Videos app has something similar, since it does not seem to be finding the videos on its own?
    10-15-14 02:56 PM
  2. RP Singh's Avatar
    So aside from the feeling of knowing I have stumped all of CrackBerry with this one, I was also determined to get it solved. What ended up being the "solution" was I took the entire "videos" folder from the root of my SD card and moved it into the "camera" folder of the SD card (making it a subfolder of the "camera" folder). That did it. The moment that folder was under the "camera" folder, the Videos icon now shows all the videos on the SD card.

    And make no mistake, I am glad for a solution to this, but ultimately the best scenario would have been for there to be no need to move the folder in the first place, you know?
    10-21-14 12:11 AM

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