1. jmoskowitz's Avatar
    Q10 has been running fine for years but today the hub just got stuck. Pressing the compose key did nothing. Trying to change modes with the lower left corner let me select Priority Hub, Text, Notifications, etc. but the hub continued to display Blackberry Hub and not the mode I selected. Email was still arriving. If I attempted to reply to a received Email, it would not recognize any name I entered as the receipient even though 3000 names were in my contact list. I could select a name if I used the + sign which opens the address book. If I typed a valid address by hand, the Send button was not highlighted and I could not send. If I used to + and selected a name from contacts, then hit Send, it never sent. Never appears in the hub. And if I try to forward the selected message again, the old information is in there from what I typed the last time. Email and text messages were received just fine. Just totally screwed up.

    I restarted the Hub (swipes in the upper right hand corner) - same thing
    I restarted the Q10 *by holding down the top button and selecting restart) - same thing
    I pulled out the battery to restart it - same thing

    VERY frustrating. I deleted all the message in the hub in case it was bad message data that was causing the issue - same thing

    After 45 minutes of trying to get it to work, I was getting ready to reload the software (maybe the OS got corrupted) and everything started working normally again.

    This has never happened to me in the years I have the Q10.

    Has anyone every come across something similar. Any ideas of what to do to recover. I ran through all the steps described short of reloading the software which I was going to do from Blackberry link. I have no clue to why the hug just stopped working. Ideas? Got to prepare if this happens again.
    05-10-18 05:47 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Delete all your accounts, reboot and then recreate them.. or better, reload the OS and start completely fresh.
    05-11-18 07:29 AM
  3. jmoskowitz's Avatar
    I didn't think it would be related to the configuration of my Email account so did not consider deleting and recreating it. I did suspect a corrupted OS and was going to reload it. But for an unexplainable reason, after 30+ minutes, it all started working again. But I want to be prepared to deal with it if it happens again.
    05-12-18 05:58 AM

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