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    Hello All,
    I have used blackberries on and off, switched back to Android about 16 months ago but was intrigued by the passport.
    I decided to get a passport from Carphonewarehouse as I can return it to store within 14 days. OpenVPN was a must but decided to try setup the IPSEC vpn on my servers, works great!!

    However a basic task like calendar syncing just doesn't work properly at all. I have my own Kolab mail server with ActiveSync, Caldav and Carddav. Email works great using both ActiveSync and IMAP. Contacts sync fine with ActiveSync and with a few tries Carddav. I have multiple calendars under one main calendar.
    The calendar syncs most entries with ActiveSync however there are certain things missing completely. It groups all the calendars into one but I think that is an issue with my server. Caldav does not error out but hardly any of the entries are synced, left it for hours to make sure I was waiting long enough. It detects all of the calendars fine. Deleted the account and rebooted, some different entries synced and some others were gone. New entries created on the device sync back to the server. New entries on the server don't sync back.
    Exported one of my calendars to my owncloud server to check if it works with the Caldav implementation on that. It seems to work ok, all the entries were synced.

    That suggests it doesn't like my Kolab install. Android, Linux desktop apps, gf's iPhone etc all sync fine with the Kolab install. Just the Passport running has issues.

    Has anyone got any suggestions, otherwise I'll return it and wait until the slider comes out with a new software release, they might have fixed the Caldav issues.

    ***Unfortunately I have returned the device as I could not find a work around. Love the BB10 OS so I will try again some time in the future, most likely the slider!
    Mods, this question can be closed as I no longer have the device. Thanks***
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