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    Hi there: When I use voice control to try to send an e-mail, it provides the option of e-mailing several people with the same first name. Two of them are actually Facebook friends. This is a problem because I never want to send an e-mail to those people, only to the third person. But the Voice Control software will *not* pick up that person's name.

    This is doubly frustrating because I have already modified the Contacts app to *exclude* Facebook contacts; so they are not appearing in my contacts app. Moreover, when I look at their profiles on Facebook, they don't have e-mail addresses published. Somehow, when I ask it to send an e-mail, Voice Control is automatically burrowing into my Facebook account and collecting Facebook contacts, even though the Contacts app has excluded them and even though their e-mail addresses are hidden on their profile!

    Lastly, when I ask to *call* the same contact, I *don't* get those two other Facebook contacts, presumably because the Voice Control software is not set up to search through Facebook contacts when it is ordered to send a phone call.
    It's frustrating because these two contacts have the same name as the person (my wife) whom I do want to call regularly, but the voice recognition software is not sophisticated enough to distinguish between them.


    01-10-15 12:18 PM

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