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    OK, need some network advice...

    Got Blend up and running on my Windows 7 Pro Toshiba laptop. Initializes and connects to my Z10 running Blend control panel comes up, everything is there. Then after about a minute, I get a red connection warning in the lower left corner. Then it disconnects. Can't re-connect at all. Reboot machine, repeat.

    So I looked at my network connections:

    When I start the machine fresh, everything is good, my ipconfig is active with IPv4 & IPv6 addresses for the BlackBerry Virtual Private Network. All my active network adapters are connected. If I don't run Blend, everything stays as it should... however:
    When I run Blend, everything works for about a minute, and then my BlackBerry Virtual Private Network adapter basically quits:

    Why does my BlackBerry Virtual Private Network stalls and quits every time with Blend?-ipconfigdisconnect.jpg

    Why does my BlackBerry Virtual Private Network stalls and quits every time with Blend?-netconnunplugged.jpg

    Here's the weird part... Link and BlackBerry Device manager work perfectly fine through USB! I can plug in and everything connects... yet I cannot establish a link back to Blend, even with the USB cable plugged in:

    Why does my BlackBerry Virtual Private Network stalls and quits every time with Blend?-blend.jpg

    Things I have tried:

    - Rebooting laptop and phone (several times)
    - Uninstalling and re-installing Blend on laptop & phone
    - Making sure Firewall is dropped
    - Making sure router is allowing traffic
    - checking and re-checking my network settings, basic ethernet to Gateway/DNS, nothing fancy, no proxies
    - Running the Microsoft IPv6 Fixits (disable and re-enable IPv6)
    - Removing all network adapters & rebooting. Re-installing network adapers
    - Upgrade Intel NIC driver (best one was installed)

    When the machine is freshly booted, Blend connects fine, runs for a bit, and then quits. I watch the network adapter basically disable itself and red X in the Network Connections window.

    Advice? I'm fairly network savvy but I've never seen this before.
    12-18-14 02:16 PM

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