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    Dear All,

    Very sorry if this is a little off topic, but I could not find a way of contacting Blackberry sales department.

    I nearly bought a Blackberry Classic yesterday, but when I noticed that the Start and Finish times of Events were constrained to 5 minute increments it was a deal breaker. I need to enter times with 1 minute increments and synchronise with Outlook for business timekeeping.

    I tried to use the keyboard rather than my finger on the unit in the store, but it only allowed selection of 5 minute increment times. I imagined that even if the touch screen was limited to 5 minute increments the keyboard would allow 1 minute, but no it does not.

    This really is a shame, because otherwise the Classic seems quite well thought out.

    So to my question: Is there a way that the Calendar/Event user interface on the Blackberry Classic can be forced to work in 1 minute increments?

    Best Regards, and thanks in advance for any advice that you give,

    05-03-15 05:09 AM

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