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    An Android app I am running (EngineDriver) works flawlessly except it cannot "discover" a server on the local network. Another Android app designed specifically to "listen" on networks (he.net NetworkTools) also could not discover servers but its other functions worked fine. The server is discoverable using a BB app (mDNS Service Discovery) on the same phone. It therefore seems that the Bonjour/Zeroconf/mDNS functions in Android apps don't work under BB OS 10.2.1. Does anyone have any suggestions or fixes?

    Many thanks.

    BB Q5 OS 10.2.1
    02-20-15 01:36 AM
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    Somebody changed the title which is now misleading. I have 2 apps which cannot discover local servers. Both apps are Android. The purpose of one of them is to discover servers. I have a third BB app which is also aimed at discovery and it works with no problem.
    02-20-15 10:51 AM
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    Problem solved with upgrade to OS10.3. No changes made to app, no reinstallation of app. OS10.3 apparently fixed an issue OS10.2 had in discovering Bonjour/ZeroConf/mDNS servers.
    02-26-15 01:31 AM

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