11-23-14 04:51 PM
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  1. quizm's Avatar
    This is a very good question. My wife has a Samsung g5. Her son craves iPhone. They can do much more than I can with my z30. Not just apps, but total integration with services of all types. Any app by any company they can have. Why do I stick with BlackBerry. Because 1) it's different, and improving rapidly. 2) I like the hub. 3) I like to support the underdog, small company. 4) I like the file management system. 5) I like the BlackBerry community and the excitement of cheering. All said though, BlackBerry is not pitching to me as a consumer, but to enterprise. I believe this is a mistake, because enterprise employees want the best phone for their personal preferences first, as long as they can do business with it. Not too demanding. Security is not an issue for me. I do not believe any of this stuff is really secure.

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    11-23-14 12:07 AM
  2. notfakeprofile's Avatar
    Because of the way it works compare to other os'es

    Verzonden vanaf mijn BlackBerry Passport.
    11-23-14 02:32 AM
  3. ajsavetheleon's Avatar
    1. The HUB
    2. Virtual Keyboard (I like swiping the words up better than any os can do)
    3. Gesture/swipe navigation
    4. File management system
    5. Snappy OS (Never experience any lags, but some apps crash those are the android apps)
    6. Overall UI, flatter and classy!
    7. And of course, security.

    The BlackBerry Z10
    11-23-14 03:38 AM
  4. Sad Hero's Avatar
    Just because I start to hate both Samsung and Google!

    And while bb10 can run the two types of apps ( BlackBerry & Android )

    It's really very good thing to try new things and systems, and love it from first day

    Posted via CB10
    11-23-14 04:03 AM
  5. menshawy's Avatar
    At the beginning I liked the Hub from the video reviews I saw of the Z10 so I chose to go for it over another Android which been slowing down and full of bugs.

    Then I found that I was dealing with a great OS. Never experienced any lags or slowness. Efficient and productive, secure and fluid and beautiful overall

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    11-23-14 04:43 AM
  6. Calvin Chin's Avatar
    It's the HUB, the functionality, and the reliability.

    Posted via CB10
    11-23-14 05:05 AM
  7. anon(5852936)'s Avatar
    Because of the HUB and the OS just feels great.

    Posted via CB10
    11-23-14 05:09 AM
  8. Kris Simundson's Avatar
    Well after playing with all different types of phones through the past year, and in light of recent events, BlackBerry just suits my needs in terms of security, battery life, and efficiency

    Posted via the Z to the 3 to the 0 // 2B6832B1
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    11-23-14 07:33 AM
  9. Alvin Loh's Avatar
    To try out something new!
    The other 3 os are getting boring lol

    BlackBerry 10 cannot be told, 1 must try it to feel it
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    11-23-14 07:39 AM
  10. kazakoshi's Avatar
    My reason #1- awesome keyboard! With latest leak, all my keys have shortcut now.
    I love OS too. Simple, smooth & great built in apps. I'll be lost without File manager.

    I try to avoid Google products even though I own Nexus5 by accident. I only use it for Line call or video which I can't with BlackBerry.
    I like Apple for fun apps but not as daily use as my communication device. Why I must always use iTunes to do simple file transfer is beyond me. But I love getting Japanese only apps or services through my Japanese iTunes account. That's what iPad for.

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    11-23-14 11:32 AM
  11. JamesA Winsteadjr's Avatar
    Had a Samsung Blackjack 2
    Given a corporate account
    Bold 9700 was released
    Given unlimited data plan
    Became hooked on the keyboard
    Torch 9800 was released
    Introduced to touchscreens
    Bold 9900 was released
    Corporate account became personal
    Became hooked on touchscreens
    Z10 was released
    BB10.2 was released
    Ordered Z30 yesterday

    Posted via CB10
    11-23-14 11:33 AM
  12. anon(870071)'s Avatar
    The basic functionality of all OS's have distinct similarities but why I chose BlackBerry os 10 is the ability to process touch typing more accurately (Z30) ans the word engine that allows you to flick the correct word that is predicted. So for me its the accuracy of the word prediction engine and combined with the hub feature is fantastic.

    I went from a 9900 to Samsung S4 to Q10 to Z30 to Passport.

    I love the flick, tap and swipe motions. The other os's have these features but BlackBerry's are more feature rich?

    Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android side installed on the Passport!
    11-23-14 12:09 PM
  13. Haytham Hamad's Avatar
    I've used almost every Mobile OS ever created but nothing ever compares to how BB10 multitasks!

    Posted via CB10
    11-23-14 01:54 PM
  14. 00_Agent's Avatar
    To illustrate this, I've compiled a list below of features that you find on a BB10 device right out of the box. I've tried to ignore device-specific features such as the hardware keyboard, touch-enabled on the Passport, the AMOLDED screen of the Z30, etc. I chose to do this because I want to highlight BB10 as a whole, so that a pentential buyer can look at it and say, "Wow, this is clearly a fantastic choice no matter what device I get." and then can go on to investigate which actual device (Z10, Z30, Q10, Q5, Passport) would suit their needs.

    This is all about the naked OS.

    In no particular order (since it would be impossilbe for me to rank these features):

    1. The HUB. This one IS indeed unique amongst all the OS's. It is a unified inbox. On every other device you need to open and close and open and close a bunch of applications in order to see your text messages, BBMs, WhatsApp messages, Facebook posts, Emails, system notifications, voicemail, phone history, etc. Not on BB10. All of this enters a unified, manageable inbox so that in one glace you can see it all, access it all, reply to it all, delete it all... everything. Sounds daunting? Read the next one, it'll help.

    2. Priority HUB. Part of being a HUB user is knowing that you don't care about everything equally. Thanks to the Priority HUB, you can set up contact specific, account specific, conversation specific, subject specific, etc., rules that filter your HUB experience to show you only what you care about most, leaving the less important stuff for you to do later. This way you can prioiritize your communications easily, but still get everything in a unified inbox. Coming from an Android device to this was a mind-blowing experience.

    3. File Manager. For you iPhoners out there who hate the fact that you have little to know access over your phones files, or for your Android users out there who have downloaded a dozen ad-ridden, bloatware-type file managers to move your stuff around and actually take control of your mobile experience, look no further. The BB10 OS comes with an absolutely AMAZING file manager. With it not only do you have unprecedented access to your phones file structure, but you can cut and paste between your phone and ALL your synced sources through this one program. If you have a file on Dropbox, don't bother using the Dropbox app to get it onto your phone; use the file manager where you can manage it all. Same goes for Box, SkyDrive, etc. Files can be managed between all these different account sources, your phone's Flash memory, and your SD card though this ONE beautiful, integrated application. That not enough for you? Catch this: you can even use the File Manager to access.... your bloody PC(s; it supports MULTIPLE PCs simultaneously) file structures as well! Have a document on your home PC, but you're at the office? No prob Bob: just open your file manager and find it, cut and paste to your phone... or your SkyDrive... or your DropBox. Whatever you want! Type something on your phone but you want to save it to your laptop? Great, you can, because your phone has access to your home PC's file systems remotely. Want to save it on all your PCs? Go for it! They can all be accessed through this file manager. Want to ZIP a bunch of files together and move them around in a cluster between your phone, SD card, clouds, and home PCs? GET THIS: YOU CAN ZIP STUFF TOO. All with this one program, that comes with BB10 out of the box. Ghost Commander, stand aside: you suck.

    4. Remote Access through BBLINK. Wondering how it is possible that the integrated, pre-loaded file manager can have that kind of access to your PC? Well, it comes with the stock software that is installed on your computer when you plug your BB10 device into it via USB. BBLINK automatically sets up a secure link between your phone and your computer that allows you to access everything on it while you're away. You could be in Jamaica, on a beach, with your phone, and load up your home PC. You could be at a friends whose Netflix bill didn't get paid, you all want to watch a movie. Lucky for you there are tons of movies on your home PC. Thanks to BBLINK and Remote Access you can just stream those puppies to your phone. Automatically. You're pre-qualified with all the stock software to do this. Amazing.

    5. Picture Password. I sit there laughing at people drawing patterns on their phone or punching in 4-number pin codes, thinking they secure. I can watch someone punch that in once and know exactly what their passcode is. Steal the phone, bam: access is mine. BlackBerry knows this, and they invented a new kind of password that someone could watch you punch it in a thousand times and they'd never get it. I've actually explained to people how it works, and shown them the password over and over and over and they can't get it. YET, you can enter it with one finger, in one movement. Quicker than you could type in any 4-number pin. I wish I could explain more but you have to see it to get it. But trust me, picture password is the most innovative password system ever made.

    6. The Calendar. Of course it is better than any other calendar out there: it's a bloody BlackBerry. But why? WebEX integration. Ability to send automatic "I'm late" notifications to meeting attendees. Ability to change preferences like what day is the first day of the week, whether or not to number the weeks and, if so, which week should be designated "week #1", automatic meeting modes that change your notification profiles when you are in a meeting, integration with the note-taking application. etc. And this is the STOCK Calendar app. Remember? This is a list of stock features... no download required.

    7. Quick Settings. Pull down from the top in any screen (on 10.3) and you'll get access to your quick settings. Yeah, android does this, but this is much more powerful. Andoird's is a series of on off switches. This is a CUSTOMIZABLE series of on/off switches that double as quick access to their full settings menus. Tap the icon, its the swtich. Tap the words, and you're knee deep into a settings menu that would have other taken seven taps to get to. Efficient. No rooting required.

    8. Custom LED light profiles. YES! It's finally here. 10.3.1 lets your customize your LED profile. Blue for calls. Green for texts. Whatever you want! And this is stock! No need for a third-party app.

    9. Music Equalizer! Yes! It's also here on 10.3. Don't download an equalizer that'll come with bloatware and apps. Just use the one that's in the BB10 and make your music sound how you like.

    10. Docs to Go. This is an app thats worth ten bucks on any other OS. Here its free. Yeah, office apps are anything new, but remember that this one comes integrated with that nifty file manager I mentioned earlier. Create a document on your phone, save it to your desktop. Load one from your desktop, edit it, and save it to your OTHER desktop. Or to your SD card. Or wherever you want!

    11. DLNA. Lots of device support proprietary versions of DLNA: this will work with any DLNA. In other words, it's actually an honest member of the Digital Living Network Alliance. Whatever media content you have, push it to any DLNA server, be it made by Microsoft, LG, Samsung. Whatever you want. Just, not Apple of course, because Apple only lets Apple things talk to other Apple things. BUT, what this means is if you go to your friends house an want to show them pictures you took on your vacation on their SmartTV, you can! I know that advertising from others say you can too, but they require setup and compatibility. This will work! Built in! Any DLNA. ANY.

    12. BlackBerry Blend. There isn't a big enough deal being made about this. Let me put a scenario to you: you're home from work, your phone you put to charge in your room, and you load up your computer. Wouldn't it then be nice to be able to access the same HUB (with all your emails, texts, BBMs and such) that you have on your phone from your computer? Or, better yet: you buy an iPad because, well, tablets are a thing now. But the bloody thing only sends iMessages to other iThings. No longer! BlackBerry blend comes preloaded on 10.3 and beyond and it allows your to connect your device to other devices like iPads, Samsung Tabs, Windows computers... hell, even Apple computers! And you can text, look at the calendar, manage your contacts, manage your files, move things around, drag and drop, all from your PC or tablet... while your phone is in the other room.

    13. Device Monitor. Lots of phones out there now have the cabaility to tell you info about how well your system is running; data usage, battery usage, etc. However, BB10 takes it to a whole new level. We've got line graphs, pie charts, and tables. Not only on a system-wide basis, but also on an app by app basis. Tap an app and see its battery usage and when it spiked on a line graph, see how much data it has used both generally, and on what day and time, see how much it has downloaded and uploaded on a particular date in a beautiful column graph. See how much memory it is consuming as a percentage of the whole, or at a specific point in time. See trends over longer dates. Again... no need to download battery doctor, or whatever it is people are downloading these days to monitor their system usage. Out of the box.

    14. No need to install virus scanning software either! Which, we all know, most o fit is dubious anyway. BlackBerry has its own, built in software that'll scan even Android apps to make sure they're safe. Out of the box!

    There is a whole lot more. But that's a pretty good start.

    And I want to highlight again, this is all without downloading new apps or installing new apps. This is fresh out of the box stuff!

    If you ever wanted to know "Why would I use BB10?" Now you know: it is the best mobile OS on the planet. Perhaps it doesn't have the most apps, but apparently it doesn't need it, since everything awesome that apps make iPhones and Android devices do, is already here!

    Pick one up. Give it a shot. You'll be blown away by how LITTLE apps you end up downloading.

    P.s for the most part to be different.

    Posted via CB10
    11-23-14 02:07 PM
  15. davinci4real's Avatar
    The hub, keyboard and the flow

    From Zarafet my Z30.
    11-23-14 03:42 PM
  16. whatsever's Avatar
    I used android since the beta but after 2.6 the os gets more confusing. The OS get weird and lesser uniform. It also get a lot of malware and let be honest about google they are data miners.

    The free apps these days pulling all data from your phone, for example asphalt 8. Just download it and see yourself what they asking. We have a choise but android user they don't just like whatsapp has copyright off all pictures and video you send through there server. Love bbm.

    I just waited a year till finaly blackberry 10 came out and switch to a brand new Z10. It was a better choice than windows in my opinion.

    Apple, also dataminers (goverment deal for user data) and selling the same specs over and over again for more and more money. I look maybe stupid but no chance and I really hate itunes. Also fingerprint james bond style or bigger + screen will not something for me.

    Also thinking about using a homebutton, or missing realmultitasking, hub and more is a no go to get back to android or using an iphone. It will be a step back after using os 10.3.x.

    Sometimes there is no point of return.

    Posted via CB10
    11-23-14 04:51 PM
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