11-23-14 05:51 PM
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  1. tp2386's Avatar
    Other than privacy, why do/did you choose BB10 over other Operating Systems?
    I'll start it off by saying that the HUB keeps me coming back every time I have left. If Android some how mimicked the HUB, and had a seamless out of box file manager like BB10, I'd consider it.
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    10-28-14 05:51 PM
  2. Thunderbuck's Avatar
    Consistent look/feel to the OS. Decent native performance with the option to run the odd Android app. Security. And, yes, just the desire to be different.
    10-28-14 05:54 PM
  3. HotFix's Avatar
    I bought my Z10 because it met my list of requirements which were mostly hardware:
    1. NFC.
    2. SD Card expansion.
    3. Removable battery.
    4. Good Active Sync implementation (admittedly I found a number of issues with the 10.0 release after is started using it but they all got ironed out in updates).
    5. Not a Google product in any way shape or form.

    From there I went to test it and found the Hub was pretty awesome and was sold. Coming from Windows Mobile 6.5 I was never a big app guy (although I am getting to be one now), just email and calendaring with a little Web surfing.

    Posted via CB10 on my Z30STA100-5/
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    10-28-14 06:12 PM
  4. mlbrowninsc's Avatar
    I just wanted to try something different when the Z10 came out. Was so tired of Android and all the security issues had me concerned. Once I tried it I was hooked. Did jump to an iphone for a couple months for a daily driver but with the terrible email on that drive me back quickly. I realized I didn't really use a lot of apps and I had an iPad if really needed. So came back with the Z30 and now the Passport! As long as BlackBerry makes phones they will have my business! Love the Passport and BlackBerry 10 has come along way since it came out. The matured os is perfect for how I work.

    Passport on AT&T
    10-28-14 06:18 PM
  5. Leafaholic99's Avatar
    The HUB is a big factor, security, Canadian company. BlackBerry is the only smartphone I've had, and I really like it, never found a need to switch from something I like.

    Posted via my BlackBerry Passport
    10-28-14 06:21 PM
  6. jonty12's Avatar
    1. Ability to check colleagues busy/free time in a meeting invitation
    2. Ability to add multiple attachment types in emails (replies, forwards, original after started)
    3. Hub - all communication in one place
    4. Account-specific notifications (LED, vibration, sound)
    5. Full Exchange sync of notes/tasks/contacts
    6. other things I can't think of right now...
    10-28-14 06:26 PM
  7. southlander's Avatar
    1. Great stock email.
    2. Great BBM experience.
    3. Great browser. I like the bottom address bar.
    4. Enough Android to fill in the holes.
    5. CrackBerry. Yeah I said it. CrackBerry ain't near as fun using this Android phone I am using until I get my Z10 fixed. Lol.
    10-28-14 06:56 PM
  8. Jiggy1971's Avatar
    Because I have enjoyed communicating with BlackBerries since 2005
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    10-28-14 06:59 PM
  9. audijeep's Avatar
    For me, it's two reasons. One, I like to support a good Canadian company whenever I can. And two, the Hub cannot be matched for breadth, simplicity, and speed. I feel like the phone does what a phone should do -- MAKE COMMUNICATION EASY.

    Posted via CB10
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    10-28-14 08:00 PM
  10. Rahul1234's Avatar
    Flow, just flow and also leaks

    Posted via CB10
    10-28-14 08:09 PM
  11. Lendo's Avatar
    I didn't really choose BB10 over anything else, I simply upgraded from my 9900 to the Z10. Seemed like the logical choice for a guy that only ever owned BlackBerry devices. LoL
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    10-28-14 08:11 PM
  12. nglfmark's Avatar
    The HUB is sooo much more convenient than android setup. Native email setup on BlackBerry is also perfect. Love the simplicity of BlackBerry os. Have tried to change to my One Plus (cyanogenmod/ android) phone and just cannot. Keep coming back to my Q10 because it's better for work.

    Posted via CB10
    10-28-14 08:17 PM
  13. celticmagick's Avatar
    I like BlackBerry's focus on communication - they're phones after all - rather than mindless play time.

    I also missed the physical keyboard. My Android had a pk but it just wasn't the same. The polished and professional feel of the device and features and capabilities of the OS (especially the HUB). BlackBerry is more integrated and works with regular files without needing extra apps or extra hoops.

    iOS is too linear, rigid, simple, and boring and Android is too flaky and unstable (though I do like the customization) for my taste.

    emPowered by ?
    10-28-14 08:23 PM
  14. ibpluto's Avatar
    Because I need to get Stuff done and have found no other OS allows me to get that stuff done as well as BB10. For me there is no other reason.

    CB10'n it....via da Z30
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    10-28-14 08:31 PM
  15. inkjet2's Avatar
    Because I fear change.

    Posted via CB10
    10-28-14 08:34 PM
  16. GreenCopperz's Avatar
    I love to support Canadian companies, plus I love the innovative ways of BlackBerry in their hardware. Sadly them only issue I have since adopting BlackBerry 10 is their desktop software, which has never been fully functional for me. It hasn't worked since week 1... and I really dislike their lack of support channels.

    10-28-14 08:43 PM
  17. vanrickman's Avatar
    Canadian, smart, productive, awesome, sexy, sweet, logical, Canadian.


    My Canada My BlackBerry My Z30
    10-28-14 09:14 PM
  18. Bash_Man's Avatar
    SD card expansion and no joking when I say Apps that actually close when you close them.
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    10-28-14 09:32 PM
  19. jvinp's Avatar
    Got sick of BB7

    Posted via CB10
    10-28-14 09:33 PM
  20. FakhriNZ_031's Avatar
    The simplicity of the OS. It's all I need in one. And the OS is much much stable than android. I'm amazed with BB10, it never crash or lagging. Just smooth OS. I don't care with the lack of apps, I just need communication apps like BBM, Whatsapp. So simple and efficient.

    Posted via CB10
    10-28-14 09:48 PM
  21. thurask's Avatar
    It's a BlackBerry.

    Posted via CB10
    10-28-14 10:13 PM
  22. mona5804's Avatar
    The general ui design reminds me of how ios 3.0 used to be, super polished coherent and pleasant to the eyes. I hate anything android or ios jas to offer at the moment.

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    10-28-14 10:58 PM
  23. vague5255's Avatar
    Can't wait for the classic! I hope it is everything the Q10 isnt.

    Posted via CB10
    10-28-14 11:08 PM
  24. Bravurag's Avatar
    -No bugs

    Posted via CB10
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    10-28-14 11:16 PM
  25. Thud Hardsmack's Avatar
    I didn't really choose BB10 over anything else, I simply upgraded from my 9900 to the Z10. Seemed like the logical choice for a guy that only ever owned BlackBerry devices. LoL
    Same here.

    Posted via CB10
    10-28-14 11:25 PM
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