1. stalemate1's Avatar
    For me I'd choose BBos 10 over:

    Android because:

    -yes, Android does have many nice tweaks you can do to personalize it but nun of this complexity is practical for my day to day use with a phone.

    -Androids have poor battery life in general, you can even drain your phone from 100% to 0% in less than 3 hours buy simply browsing and streaming media...trust me I know...I own a droid that does just that.

    -Android does not have many limitations when it comes to how much an app can modify the OS settings and for this reason Android can become very buggy and unstable buy even downloading one app that has device admin access and just try downloading many instant messenger apps, together most of them will hardly work as if they tamper with each other.

    Iphone because:

    -battery life is not as good as bb.

    -PRICE, need I say more ?

    -non removable batteries...makes it hard to replace an old battery.

    -no expandable storage, I can't even transfer my old file's from my old phones sd card to iPhone.

    -i tunes...I heard it can be a pain some times.

    Windows phone8 because:

    -Windows 8 does lack apps, that is no secret but a bb can side load Android apps so this is no longer a problem with bb.

    -hasn't really been developed enough for easy practical use, let me explain before you flame me down....with a Windows phone you come to the home screen and decide to search for an app or song you downloaded, so you click the search key bottom right and what do you get ?...bing search!!! (Don't know how development went through with this) so you scroll right to get to the app menu, then you come across the search icon on the screen in the top left but it will only search for installed apps and nothing else, also if you have a device with a large screen you can barely reach it with your thumb making you have to change the way you hold the device to reach it.

    How about you ? Why would/did you choose BBos over the competition ?
    10-31-13 11:00 AM
  2. qbnkelt's Avatar
    Frankly.....I fell in love with a little burgundy 8310.

    Yes, I am that fickle....
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    10-31-13 11:02 AM
  3. wazdat's Avatar
    First, because for non-BB devices, my firm requires the use of a third party MDM (mobile data manager) like Good for Enterprise, Mobile Iron (and the Touchdown mail client for Android).

    Second, because I've tried other devices that "emulate" the BB but nothing does e-mail like a Blackberry.

    As far as BB10 is concerned the determining factor was whether or not it would run my Alarm.com app. Fortunately, the sideloaded Android app works perfectly so I went with Blackberry again. If that had not been an option, I would have gone with the Samsung S4.
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    10-31-13 03:06 PM
  4. pttptppt's Avatar
    Because I could...

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    10-31-13 03:12 PM
  5. Peevish's Avatar
    Because I it's simply better.

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    10-31-13 03:17 PM
  6. ZeroBarrier's Avatar
    I was an Android guy (still am for certain things, can't stop loving Android), but I gave the Q10 a shot after my Galaxy Nexus took a swim at a pool party. Ever since then I've been in love with this phone for work.

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    10-31-13 03:19 PM
  7. southlander's Avatar
    Because I set up a lab and rigorously tested each and every aspect of the OS and all the others. I made charts and tables and assigned point values to each aspect... carefully adding and averaging.... well... nah...

    I didn't do any of that stuff. Heh. I just like BlackBerry. I thought the BlackBerry 10 OS looked interesting. It is.

    And I find I have more to offer others in the way of help on CrackBerry, if I am actually using a BlackBerry all the time.
    10-31-13 03:26 PM
  8. olivierb's Avatar
    Because BlackBerry doesn't work for the detestable NSA (unlike Microsoft, Google, Apple) and because Jolla won't be released in the USA any time soon.

    Posted via CB10
    10-31-13 03:28 PM
  9. southlander's Avatar
    I also do respect the fact that BlackBerry designs products with security as the top concern. Unfortunately -- I think it's hurt them over the years in terms of getting products out. Slowing the dev cycles, limiting/slowing feature adds, etc.
    10-31-13 03:35 PM
  10. SkaterGuy2k's Avatar
    I love the security, email communication and call quality oh yeah you can add all features of bbm

    Posted via my zed10 using CB10
    10-31-13 04:13 PM
  11. anon(8080272)'s Avatar
    Physical keyboard, pure and simple.

    I would likely have gone with a high end W8 phone over a Z10 or Z30. The touch-only is filled with choice, wheras the QWERTY space isn't.

    That said, I love BB10, but it's not enough (without a physical keyboard) to keep my loyalty.

    Blackberry is dead; long live Blackberry!
    10-31-13 05:13 PM
  12. eldricho's Avatar
    Had a BlackBerry, loved it (Not the 9300, had lots of memory leaks!!) and thought that BB10 looked very interesting and cool and it sure blew away any of the stuff I knew it could and I learn something new everyday
    Would've chosen WP8 if getting a BlackBerry wouldn't have been possible.

    Posted via CB10

    Posted via CB10
    10-31-13 05:27 PM
  13. eldricho's Avatar
    Maybe it's also that I just like underdog OS'es and to be different

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    10-31-13 05:29 PM
  14. TOfinest's Avatar
    Long sorry short, I didn't choose BlackBerry, BlackBerry chose me.
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    10-31-13 05:32 PM
  15. HotFix's Avatar
    Why not Android? Which make/model? They vary manufacturer to manufacture, and then throw in the carrier tweaks and you have very different experiences between the various makes/models. Also I don't have time to hack/tweak/ultra configure my device, it needs to just work.

    Why not iOS? Even though I use iTunes and used to use an iPod (before I got a BlackBerry), I'm just not wowed by them. iOS 7 introduced some nice changes but too little too late for this round of devices.

    Why BlackBerry? The Z10 has every feature I wanted on a phone including a removable battery. Considering I'm an email guy, the Hub and keyboard really blew me away. Also the active tiles is the best mutil-app implementation out there IMHO.

    And while I am an email guy, I never owned a BlackBerry before my Z10 because I disliked the old BBOS, and considered them a necessary evil for work only. The BB10 OS and hardware really changed things around.

    Posted via CB10
    10-31-13 06:35 PM
  16. spacemanspork's Avatar
    1. Because it's different. Yeah, I have that in me. I like to "Think Different" (which ironically was Apple's tag line a while back). Also I get to play with something new. And I've never owned a BB product previously. At this point, I've at some point owned something from pretty much every company (tho Apple and Microsoft are computers, not mobile devices).
    2. Because it's the most like webOS. And while BB10 is "dying", it's still in a lot better shape than webOS. (Yes, I do think webOS has a better design than BB10). BB10 isn't too far behind though.
    3. Because it was cheap hardware wise thanks to how bad RIM is doing.
    4. Because it had WiFi calling (so it was BB10 or Android, and I've used Android previously and wanted to play with something new). I want to make it clear that I find Android perfectly fine. I'm not going to bag on it like people like to do here. In fact, I might pick up a Nexus 5 as a secondary device.
    5. Because you can side load Android apps. Supposedly. Not very good in practice though... probably would help if I got 10.2... sigh.
    10-31-13 07:07 PM
  17. talberry's Avatar
    I would say the build quality of the phones are amazing. Feels good and sturdy in my hand.

    The OS is pretty amazing too if you ask me. It really does keep me moving. Easy and quick to use.

    Apps are okay to me, but the app world is getting more and more populated with the big name apps

    Posted via CB10
    10-31-13 07:45 PM
  18. drakewn's Avatar
    Honestly, I loved the suretouch on the 9550 Storm 2. I had the iPhone in one hand and the storm 2 in the other, suretouch was the deal maker. I am so glad i got the BlackBerry, and am a big fan of my z10.
    11-01-13 10:34 AM
  19. CharredPC's Avatar
    Keyboard, battery life, stability. Also got the Q10 partially due to expecting familiarity after the Bold 9700- absolutely none, had to start over from scratch on the trackpad-less swipe-happy GUI. Still glad I stuck with BlackBerry.

    Posted via CB10
    11-01-13 11:38 AM

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