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    Apple harm competitors?...they'd be proud to say they did....however did they do it in reasonable free-market principals? On the surface yes..and it would seem yes...(did they use their power from their other concerns to move this along..yes, did microsoft's desktop near-monopoly help Apple in the smartphone arena - probably ),but only industry insiders would really know.

    Google/Android's global dominance.....no I'd say they were not free-market principals....whenever you get competitors colluding in the marketplace, you are violating the free-market (all the major consumer players lined up behind Google). If they want to merge, that's one thing....but to remain separate entities and control the market through the single app store (globally dominating)...that's a bit of a stretch to say that was a free market initiative. It locked competitors out of their own marketplace... it tied suppliers to their store (and apple's), soley because of how quickly it was anticipated they would soak up tremendous market share....because consumers knew they could only turn to one supplier for a key component of what makes the smartphone ...smart....supporting apps (not counting the play for premium by Apple).....and if Android was truly open, and Google was truly playing by the rules....they would sell their add-on apps in the marketplace and not 'tie it to being mandatorily used by google 'compliant' phones., and they could not force other manufacturers by binding-agreement to drop other potential platforms on other models (as has been suggested here as to why Blackberry had to drop BB10 in order to get access to the Google store.....nope that is not a free-market. .... two players suggests a problem here, the way Google-play got there is definitely worth more debate in commerce circles. ...speaking soley from the perspective of free-market principals. To agree to use a "standard" in industry is one-thing, but to bind all parties is another. Its the binding part, that is the sticky problem. Google play solved the potential monopoly problem of Apple....but it caused a lock-out of other players, in how it was structured.

    ...MS got in trouble for its monopoly position in the desktop and there were lots of calls to do something, and the US Gov very nearly did, but backed down at the last minute. Would the world be better if something like OS/2 Warp had succeeded in surviving? I think the independent software Vendors actually stood a better chance of surviving....and I think innovation may have proceeded at a faster clip....but I don't have a crystal ball....those who promote free-market functioning, also realize when it gets out of whack....the correcters of last resort...gov't has to step in, to tip the ship back to level.
    Apple and Google enabled a lot of companies to make a lot of great apps. In fact many new companies exist because of the App Store and Play Store. Nokia and BlackBerry could easily have done this themselves, but they made a mess of app development and distribution. So Apple and Google came along and did it for them.

    This is all part of progress. The government didn’t have to rectify anything when Nokia and BlackBerry dominated their markets. They just had to wait until something better came along, which it did.

    I remember the early days of Android SDK. They had none of the apps that Apple had, and not even the major apps that Symbian and Brew and BlackBerry had. What they offered, though, was a much better SDK than BB had, and the promise of a much broader market than Apple could offer (given the very high price and limited distribution of iPhones). That’s the free market at work.

    Google doesn’t say you can’t have your own OS. You can. You can even use *their* software to make a competitor, like what Amazon did. You can even be a partner with Google and a competitor at the same time (like Samsung is). But what you can’t do is be a Google partner and also at the same time use Google’s own code to compete with them.

    Again, you can use Google’s own code to compete with them, as long as you aren’t also simultaneously their partner. And even partners can compete, you just have to use your own code to do it. That doesn’t seem unfair to me at all, and it is a big benefit to developers.
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